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Review: Sugar Rush’s Cake Jars – The Cutest Souvenirs


When it comes to innovative ideas, you’ll be surprised with how talented people are in coming up with new products. I came across this page in Instagram and the first thing that came into my mind is that I have the perfect souvenir for my baby’s birthday. It’s called cake jars by Sugar Rush.

Cake Jars

It is a cake inside a jar that comes in 6 different flavors: Red Velvet (their bestseller!), Oreo, Smores, Choco Mousse, Blueberry Cheesecake and Reese’s Cheesecake.

The cakes are to die for and I personally recommend their red velvet cake jars. Aside from its taste, I really like the fact where you can customize the look of the cake jars according to your event’s theme to make it more personalized. Plus, there are lots of spoon designs to choose from which you can match based on your theme. Also, Sheena, the creative mind behind Sugar Rush, will work with you and give you updates in order to come up with look and design that you like for your cake jars.

Cake Jars

I ordered the cake jars for my guests as a souvenir during my civil wedding. And they absolutely loved it. And I’m getting them on my baby’s baptism too. Talk about cute and yummy souvenir and dessert in one!

Update: I got Sugar Rush again for my daughter’s Baptism and I’m so glad I got them again. My guests, who happens to be in my wedding as well and had a taste of the cake jars, said that it’s really yummy.

Photo from Sugar_rush2012's Instagram account
Photo from Sugar_rush2012’s Instagram account

Check out Sugar Rush on Instagram – sugar_rush2012

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