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#ThrowbackThursday: Run, run, run!


I’m not really an active person who loves to exercise. The last time I sweat so much was during my high school / dancing days. But when I got into law school, things changed. My husband (then boyfriend), who is a physically active person, also encouraged me to become active.

So I tried running. The first run I joined was the Greenovation Run sponsored by my school for the benefit of the environment. My law school block mates decided to join so I gave it a try too. And since I dragged my husband into it, I had no choice but to run for 10K (my blockmates signed up for 5K). I was up for the challenge, actually. I’m not into running and it’s going to be a first for me but I did my best to train and prepare for it.

Me and my blockmates, running with me as I cross the finish line
Me and my blockmates, running with me as I cross the finish line

Me at the finish line :)
Me at the finish line ๐Ÿ™‚

I had so much fun. My time wasn’t the best record but so what? It’s supposed to be fun run, right? And the thought of being able to cross the finish line feels so good!

The next run I joined to was the Greentennial Run. It was one of the activities organized by La Salle in line with its centennial celebration. Again, my block mates, some batch mates and I joined the run. I signed up for 10K, again, and this time, my time is much better compared to the first one.

Law school batch mates
Law school batch mates
With blockmates
With block mates
With hubby <3
With hubby <3

I haven’t joined any marathon after the Greentennial Run because of my pregnancy. But I do hope I can get back on track and run again. After all, it’s a good way to keep me fit and healthy.


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