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More Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms


A few days ago, I made a post about Jobs for Stay at Home Moms. The reason for doing this is because I want to give ideas to the stay-at-home moms out there that they can still earn even at the comfort of their homes. So mommies, here’s a continuation of the many jobs you can do while at home.

6) Start your own blog – and monetize it. Yes dear mommies, there’s money out of blogging. Although I cannot personally attest to that (yet), there are a lot of mommies who make money just by sharing their everyday adventures with the kids. And the best thing about starting your own mommy blog is it is easier to make and maintain. You can share your stories, personal experiences, tips and advice and anything mommy-related which readers can pick something from. For more ideas on how to create your own mommy blog, check the Top Mommy Blogs. You can get your inspiration there and how the mommies do it.

7) Start your own childcare service. With today’s economy, both parents are required to work to address the needs of the family. Take this as an opportunity by putting up your own childcare / babysitting center. If you have a spare room at home or a garage big enough to fit little kids, then maximize that space and decorate in a manner appealing to the children. Plus, you had all the experience in handling kids so try to make it work for you and make money out of it.

8) Try direct sales. If you know someone who can supply you with products such as jewelry, clothes, or cosmetics, then you should try selling those too. Or maybe you should try Avon – and don’t look down on them please. Maximize those contacts and sell what you can to make money.

9) Events planning. If you have keen attention to detail and have a lot of creative ideas for events, then why don’t you put that creativity into use? Nowadays, birthdays, baby showers, weddings and any other events require adequate preparation. In fact, it’s not just about balloons-cake-games anymore. So if you love organizing parties, then make other people’s lives easier by planning it for them – and getting paid. 

10) Provide freight services. There’a a big market for online sellers these days. If you can’t think of anything to sell or you feel you are not creative enough nor a good baker, then why not provide services for other stay-at-home moms by delivering it for them. Just make sure your freight cost is priced right and as much as possible, provide an affordable fee for them.


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