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Top 5 Reasons Why My Husband Makes The Best Dad


When I was younger, I always tell myself that I will marry someone like my dad – strong but compassionate, strict but loving, smart but down to earth, and frugal but gives us everything we need. I even made a checklist of the traits that I will look for in a husband because I want someone like my dad.

Fast forward today, I married someone who is different from my dad. He is stubborn and has a bad temper and yes, he is my husband. Despite that, I am so proud and blessed that he is the father of my kids. I know all men are different from each other and each of them have their own strengths and wonderful traits. And since today is Father’s Day, I want to dedicate this post to my husband for being the best dad to our little girls.

So what makes him the best dad? Presentation1

1. He is a good provider. I never wanted a lavish lifestyle. As long as I can eat three times (or more, haha!) a day, have everything I need and sometimes buy something for myself and my kids, I’m good. And I’m glad my husband can provide that – and more! He doesn’t spend thousands of pesos to buy clothes and shoes, we don’t go on expensive vacations but he gives us what we need and still be able to save something for the kids’ future.  

2. He is very focused, driven and hardworking. Like what he always say, our kids are his inspiration. He works hard and juggles different responsibilities yet I never heard him complain. He knows what he wants and makes sure that he will achieve all his dreams. Everything that he does is for the kids because he wanted to give a better life for them.

3. He can be cool and funny, too. Being a not-so-young parent, there are times when my husband can act like a five year old and play with the kids. Yes, he shouts, runs around the house while wearing a towel as his cape and laughs loudly with the kids. He can sing nursery rhymes and songs from Hi-5 and even dance like Dora. It can be annoying at times and his loud voice definitely gives me a headache but I gotta love him for that.

4. He puts his family first above everything else. My husband didn’t come from a “traditional” type of family. That is why I am so proud and so glad that he is and continuously learning the hoops of being a family man. Despite the lack of experience in family life, he know his priorities and puts us on top of his list, and I will forever be grateful for that.

5. He loves unconditionally. One time, we were talking about the changes since we started our own family. During our conversation, he said that he only understood the meaning of “unconditional love” when he had kids. It was so easy for him to say “I’m not asking anything in return” but he only understood and really grasped the concept when he became a father. According to him, being a father or a parent is about being self-less, putting the kids’ interests and needs above yours, loving them and giving everything for them – WITHOUT ASKING ANYTHING IN RETURN.

Everyone can be a father. But not everyone can do and fulfill the job well. In Filipino, ama ang haligi ng tahanan. Moms play an important role but let’s take time to say thank you to our dads and give them a pat on the back for a job well done.

So to all daddies out there, with special shout out to my husband, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!


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