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#TMCKitchenSeries: Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki


I love chicken. It’s easy to cook and there are many ways I can do about it. Plus, I’m not yet that good in the kitchen so I stick with the simple, basic ingredients that I can find in the pantry.

Anyway, that didn’t stop me from learning, trying out or inventing new dishes. Last week, I decided to whip up my culinary skills and created a new but simple dish out of chicken.

Say hello to Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki. 

Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki
Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki

It’s pretty simple to do. All you need are chicken, mustard, teriyaki sauce, cheese, basil leaves, garlic, bacon, salt and pepper. 

I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper, bring it to a boil until it is half-cooked. Transfer it in a baking dish and set aside. Then I combined mustard and teriyaki sauce and spread it on the chicken. Sprinkle it with cheese (you can use the ordinary ones but I prefer cheddar or Monterey Jack since it is not “pasteurized processed cheese”), garlic and basil leaves (the McCormick ones will do). Top it off with bacon bits then bake for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese has melted.


I added steamed veggies on the side so at least we have something “healthier” to eat too.

What do you think mommies? Easy, right?


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