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Review: 7 Things Every Wife Should Know


They say “happy wife, happy life.” I have to agree. However, I am not a perfect wife. I have tons of flaws and imperfections and my personal issues are taking a toll in my relationship with my husband. My selfish self will say that my husband should understand and adjust to me since I have to give up a certain side of myself for my family’s sake. On the other hand, the nice and loving me will say “fix your issues and fix your relationship with your man, or else….”

Thankfully, this book, 7 Things Every Wife Should Know by Viviene Bigornia, made me realize all that and help me become not just a better wife but also a better person. download7 Things Every Wife Should Know talks about seven characteristics every wife and wife to-be should know: Triumphant Perspective, Respect and Submission, Independence, Unconditional Love, Marital Intimacy, Prudence and Humility.

It may look like it’s simple and easy to do but being a wife, and be the best one there is, is a hard job. In this book, Viviene was able to discuss and give examples on how these things and characteristics can be applied in marriage. From putting God in the center of your marriage, to trusting your husband and his decisions, to respecting your in-laws, to keeping the communication lines open, to living on your own, to intimacy and anything in between, she was able to cover all the things wives should know and remember by heart to have a peaceful, happy and lasting marriage.

I have to admit, my first impression was, “Does this mean I just have to submit to my husband? What about my own opinions? Don’t I get a say?”

As I read through the book, I was able to realize that being a wife is not about being inferior or suppressing my own thoughts and opinions on things. Being a wife is combination of trust, respect, listening ears and opening my mind and heart to what my husband has to say as well.

What I like about the book is that at the end of every chapter, there are real wives stories and questions you can reflect on whether or not you are able to fulfill your role in the best way possible. I rarely get some time alone to think about myself and my being wife and I’m glad this book was able to help me re-connect with myself again and assess if I am doing a good job or not.

How to Order:

Paperback version of the 7 Things Every Wife Should Know costs P395.00 ($9.49) while the E-book version is at P110.00 ($2.99). There are different ways to get a copy of the book:

1) Send Viviene an email at Don’t forget to write 15% OFF in the subject line for discount. Promo will run until the end of February only.

2) Get it from Amazon.

3) Check out her website, The Journey of a Woman.

As a treat, FREE SHIPPING nationwide until the end of February.

I want to end this by quoting something from the book –

Marriage is not perfect nor ugly. It is a combination of tears and laughter but it’s an experience that’s worth living.

What are you waiting for mommas? Check out 7 Things Every Wife Should Know and you sure won’t regret it.


Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book for free. However, all opinions and views are purely my own. 


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  1. viviene

    Don’t we just all have that selfish self? Sometimes I wish we can autopilot being a good wife, but no.. Because it takes hardwork coupled with lots of prayers! Thank you so much for the review, Ayi!

    08 . Feb . 2015
    • Ayi

      Thank you too, Viviene! I enjoyed reading your book and it helped me realized a lot of things. More power to you! 🙂

      10 . Feb . 2015
  2. sarah tirona

    nothing is more true than this: Marriage is not perfect nor ugly. It is a combination of tears and laughter but it’s an experience that’s worth living. #kilig. hahahaha

    10 . Feb . 2015
    • Ayi

      That’s true 🙂 Ibang-iba in real life :))

      10 . Feb . 2015
  3. Nicole Paler

    Yeah, I get that we all have that certain selfish side. We are still human after all… and this book is a great must read cause it’s a kind of reminder on how to be a better wife, even if we do make mistakes at times. #TrustRespectandCompromiseRocks! 🙂

    10 . Feb . 2015
  4. Nicole

    I like how there are real stories at the end of each chapter. It’s the kind of thing that reminds us that we’re not alone, that there are others with the same struggles and that there really isn’t such a thing as a perfect marriage. Despite that, I believe that with trust, respect and understanding that there are indeed happy marriages.

    10 . Feb . 2015
  5. thepinayfoodtographer

    Hi there!

    I think every wife here feels your sentiments. It’s not easy to be a housewife and a mom. Whether we like it or not, we had to sacrifice and let go of valuable things and people in our lives just to keep our family. But whatever it is, I tell you, it’s worth doing it! 🙂

    I love how this book encourages women, wives specifically. I will by my own copy when I get to visit the bookstore on weekends.

    Thanks for the beautiful review. ♥

    10 . Feb . 2015
  6. Mommy Anna

    I enjoy reading this book, will share my thoughts soon

    10 . Feb . 2015
  7. Balot

    I always give my a husband a reason that its not easy to be daughter, a sister, a mom, a career woman and at the same time a wife. That sometimes I whine if I can’t meet his expectation of a good wife, not knowing I myself have lapses that need to correct on it. I think this book is for me 🙂

    10 . Feb . 2015
    • Ayi

      I reason that out too. I tend to forget that he is also a son, a brother, a father and a husband 🙂 I recommend this book 🙂

      10 . Feb . 2015

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