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TMC Workshop Guide: Basic First Aid for First Time Parents


I am a praning mom. My mom would always tell me to let the kids do their thing so they will learn on their own. But the idea of scratches, bruises and bumps on the head are some of the things I don’t want. I’m pretty sure my husband will agree with me on that. 

No matter how much we child-proof our home, there will always be minor accidents and those little heart attacks when you see your kids running to you and crying. Kids are kids and precaution is definitely not in their vocabulary. The question now is – how equipped are we, as parents, to address those minor accidents? firstaid-poster-copy4-724x1024This is what this workshop aims to answer. Basic First Aid: Lecture and Demonstration on Basic First Aid will talk about first aid techniques, putting up your first aid kit and everything you need to know about addressing minor accidents at home. All that and more for only P500.00 (or P800.00 if you and your husband will attend).

This extensive workshop will be conducted by the Philippine Red Cross, a premier humanitarian organization that is committed to provide life-saving services to the Filipinos.

Workshop details:

March 14, 2015, 1:00pm to 5:00pm at Best for Families Inc. Headquarters, 29 1st St. New Manila, Quezon City. Use the code TMCFTPBFA1 so that they will know you heard it from me. Plus, it would really make my day too. 

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