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Dress Up your Little Miss with Lemon Kiss


When I was pregnant with my first child, I seriously hope for a baby boy. Not that I don’t like girls but I think my husband would be very happy since he has a mini-me he could bring anywhere. Of course, we were blessed with not just one but two baby girls so you can just imagine how protective my husband is. 

The thing about baby girls is that aside from the fact that I can relate to them easily, I have my own Barbie dolls to play and dress up with. I’m not exactly what you call a fashionista mom and I rarely post my girls #OOTD because they refuse to, but I like my girls to wear the not just the best but the cutest outfits I could find. 

… then there’s Lemon Kiss. 556498_224824130958550_1699359384_nWhat is Lemon Kiss? 

Lemon Kiss is a stylish clothing brand for your little fashionista. Since its launch in 2003, the brand’s designs embodies the playful, energetic, vibrant and fun lifestyle of young girls aged 2 to 14 years old. Items include dresses, blouses, skirts, overalls and jackets among many others. In other words, anything you need for your little miss. 10649745_682955278478764_2786430435806221863_nLemon Kiss for the Kids

I first came across Lemon Kiss when I was looking for a dress for my girls in SM Department Store. Aside from the design, I really like how the clothes are made appropriate for little girls. I have seen some brands that makes me want to say “I won’t let my kids wear that” and thankfully, Lemon Kiss did not disappoint. 

The colors are appealing but not too bright, the designs and fabrics are stylish but age appropriate, the cut of the clothes are right and more importantly, it is within budget. If there one thing I am always concerned of, it is the material. I prefer something that is not irritating on my kids’ skins since they can be sensitive. 

Here are some of their previous designs which really caught my eyes. 10348608_734190173355274_1189886083477172313_n10346310_733477533426538_7836048912716685760_n644386_732812280159730_7933134651712303405_n10562746_724227497684875_5218023957950049704_o1510622_529463050494655_503008005_n

If you are looking for #OOTD type of clothes for your little girls, then check out Lemon Kiss. Lemon Kiss is located in SM Department Stores nationwide. Check out their Facebook page to know more about their latest designs and collections.


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