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TMC Workshop Guide: Breastfeeding and Newborn Care


Being a new mom is both exciting and scary. Exciting because finally, after nine months, you will see your precious little one. Scary because caring for your baby is never going to be an easy one. 

When it comes to children, they say experience is the best teacher. That’s true. However, it won’t hurt if you seek help from books, articles, and workshops, which aim to help new mommas like you in handling your little one. If you are looking for a venue that aims to teach newborn care and breastfeeding, then Manila Workshops got you covered. 

Breastfeeding and Newborn Care the Rerun Breastfeeding-and-Newborn-Care2-212x300Do you want to know how to handle a newborn child? Got (a lot of) questions about breastfeeding? Don’t know what to expect after giving birth? Then this workshop is for you!

Facilitated by Dr. Jamie Isip-Cumpas, pediatrician, lactation consultant, and member of the Breastfeeding Committee of the Philippine Pediatric Society, this workshop aims to answer all your questions and concerns about breastfeeding and newborn care. Aside from the lecture, there will also be demonstration on how to breastfeed and everything you need to know about newborn care. 

The event will happen on August 22, 2015 from 1:00 to 5:00pm at Best for Families, 29 1st Street, New Manila, Quezon City. Learning fee is P350.00 but if you plan to bring hubby with you, you will only pay P600.00

This event is brought to you by Manila Workshops, in partnership with The Parenting Emporium and co-sponsored by Stemcord. 

Attending the workshop and telling them you heard it from me will really make my day. Don’t forget to put TMCBFNC_1 on the referral code when you register here


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