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{Guest Post} Why You Should Bake Your Own Cake


When you’ve gathered your own personal collection of affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out what else you can do with them. What about baking a cake? Sure, buying one will save you a lot of trouble and time, and of course, cleaning out the mess you’ve made in the kitchen, but what are the benefits of baking your own cake?

Some people might argue that the quality of the cake is better, or that it’s going to be cheaper to bake your own cake, but those claims are reliant on some things such as: some of the ingredients you’re using to bake might be more expensive than what the supermarket is using for their cakes, or, it’s actually cheaper for the supermarket because they’re mass producing it and buying ingredients at a larger scale.

However, there are still many benefits to making your own cake, and here are some of them! Guest Post 6THE QUALITY. There is no doubt that the cake you will be making is of better quality then what you’ll see at the supermarket. Most of those are frozen and you’ll never know how long those cakes have been frozen for, and an oven fresh cake will surely taste better than a thawed out one.

They can be cheaper, depending on what you want. Some cakes are cheaper if store bought, and some others, such as customized ones for special occasions, can punch a gaping hole in your pocket. If you make one yourself at home, it’s going to be much cheaper, and a customized, decorated cake is only limited by your imagination. 

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AVOID THE ALLERGIES. You’ll never be able to avoid allergies, and these store bought cakes are sure to have some kind of allergen in them. When you make your own cake, you know exactly what you’re putting into the cake.

FLAVOR. Making a cake at home allows you to mix up the flavours a bit, or tailor the flavour to your taste. Maybe you wanted a little less sugar, a teaspoon more of lemon juice, a few drops extra of vanilla extract, or maybe a pinch of cinnamon. You can’t do that with a store bought cake. 

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THE MEMORIES. Kids love helping out. Baking can be a fun time for you and your kids, or even your significant other. These cakes are going to be made with love and care that the store bought ones don’t have. Every baked good and pastry will be made with a specific person in mind, and that makes it extremely special. Baking your own cake will take time and effort, so it’s going ot be worth it when you finally cut into it for that special occasion. 

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The thought of making your own cake may be a bit daunting, but it only takes practice and some experimentation to get it right. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to catch that flavour and create that fluffy, moist cake you’ve always wanted, the taste you’ll never get from a store, and proudly serve it to your guests at your next party.

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Larisse is a full-time foodie, writer, blogger and professional cake-maker. I make customized cakes for a living and blog about different topics to relax. I’m a big fan of cheese, reading, writing and I appreciate an odd sense of humor in any form.

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