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{Guest Post} Fun Family Activities You Can Do Without Booking a Flight


Going outdoors or planning a vacation is a necessity to escape from the regular mundane life we all face each day. Buying a Tagaytay homes for saleto have your own vacation house is a perfect getaway for family, relatives, or friends. Some families opt to book a flight either domestic or international travel, however, booking a plane ticket is either difficult or expensive. Get to know other fun family activities you can do without booking a flight! 

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Eating in restaurants

Buffet, shabu-shabu, desserts, cafés, milk tea, and so much more! The possibilities are endless when it comes to eating in restaurants in the city. Eating will always be an option to do something fun, so best enjoy it with your family! You can even have a food trip by going to all the top or recommended restaurants all around Metro Manila. 

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Travelling to a tourist spot 

The Philippines is definitely a gorgeous and breathtaking country because of the natural spots it has, it’s not 7,107 islands for nothing! It’s easy to book a tour or travel to a city or province these days because of the power of the internet. Look up online to find the perfect vacation you can have with your family. 

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Exercising all together

Now this is a different activity to do with your family! Your teenagers or adults might contemplate whether they want to do this, but there’s no harm in trying and they might even consider this to do something new. It’s a fun activity to do with your family because it’s not something you normally do with them. There are several group exercises you can join from different gyms, so pick well!

Watching movies

Movies will never go out of hand for any generation. You can watch movies with your family, either classic, popular, or independent films from any era. Simply buy from video outlet stores so you can get comfortable in your homes. Grab any food that your family will like and share it with everyone as you do this fun activity. Another option is to watch a movie in the cinema; there are always blockbuster movies each month.

Check-in hotels or resorts

One of the most ideal outings a family could go to is to check-in for an overnight trip in a hotel or resort. Although an overnight trip might not be enough, it’s still a nice getaway for your family. If you could, book for 2-3 days to maximize your stay! There are a lot of other places you can drive to near your resort or hotel so it can be an ideal family activity you can do instead of booking a flight. To add to this, you can even explore a beautiful site in the Philippines.

 Whatever your family might prefer to do to have a short vacation is perfect if you are all together to bond, relax, and have fun! Again, consider buying a Tagaytay home for sale for an instant vacation during holidays or weekends. Plan a family gathering soon! 

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