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9 Gift Ideas For Moms To Make Their Lives Easier


Being a mother is never easy.  Aside from taking care of herself, she also has to think about the kids, the husband, and managing the household. In other words, she plays an important role in the family’s life.

It only happens once in a year where we all pay tribute to our mothers. If you’re unsure what to give to the woman of your life this coming Mother’s Day, then this one is for you. Don’t worry. This is within your budget too.

  1. Multi-functional Grater

Kitchen will always be momma’s domain. Help her out with the cutting – or even grating – duties by giving her a multi-functional grater. It easily slices or grates fruits, vegetables, and even cheese. Most multi-functional graters are also easy to clean and assemble.

Check out Metaltex’s multi-functional grater for only P599.75. If you have few more hundreds to spare, go for Multi-Purpose grater for only P999.75. 

  1. Stainless Steel Lunch Box

Is your mom always on the go? Does her daily schedule include basketball practices, running errands, and school duties? She will surely need something to replenish her in between and a stainless steel lunch box can be her best friend. It keeps food warm for up to four hours and the best part is it won’t cost you too much.

Try SM Home Stainless Steel Lunch Box for P200.00. It comes in three different colors too – pink, green, and blue. 

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