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6 Creative Ways to Display Your Tableware


Back in the day, dishes and other tableware items belong to one area only: the cabinets. Even the most beautiful dishes will only make an appearance either on special occasions or if someone is visiting your home.

Today, tableware doesn’t belong in the cabinet alone. Over the years, many people have been creative when it comes to adding another purpose for plates. If you happen to have beautiful crockery sitting on your cabinet for a while, then it’s time to bring them out and check out these creative ways to display them:

Keep It Open

This is the simplest and easiest way to display your plates. Simply stack or combine similar tableware items and you are good to go.

You have two options in case you decide to go for this trick. You can choose open or glass-door cabinets or try open shelves. Regardless of your choice, the beauty of keeping it open is that it can serve as a focal point in your kitchen. Your dinnerware can be the star of the kitchen as well sans pictures and fancy artworks.  The Great Wall of Plates

Say goodbye to wall art decals or stickers. For a more contemporary look of your home, consider making a wall art using your plates and other eating utensils. This is easy to do since all you need are plate hangers to get this done. Then, clip the hooks onto the plates you want to display. For starters, go for circular arrangement, but don’t be afraid to experiment on the arrangement as long as balance is maintained. This could be your kitchen’s focal point too, instead of the usual chandelier.

Want to know more? Check out this post to find out other ways to creatively display your tableware.



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