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My One Word for 2018. What’s Yours?


Before anything else, Happy New Year! 

I used to write resolutions or things to be done even before the year ends. I just have this habit before a new year starts, plus I like seeing how I could be the better version of myself – only to fall short of my yearly goals. Worse, I was not able to fulfill at least half of those goals. 

Last year, I decided to ditch the New Year’s resolutions list and joined the One Word bandwagon. To be honest, it helped me simplified my yearly goals because I only have to remember that one word as a guide. 

2017 One Word: PUSH 

I tend to be complacent and settle for what’s safe. Even if there’s so many things I want to do and try, I never had the courage (and time!) to do so that I come up with tons of excuses not to even try. I just settle simply because I am not willing to take a risk. 

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Last year, I chose PUSH because I want to be a better version of myself. It’s not what I was hoping for, but that one word helped me to at least give it a try. I pushed myself to do better – in work, in my relationship with my husband, as a mother, and even for my personal growth and sanity. I decided to enroll in courses to help me become more knowledgeable with my work. I also took the plunge and took Braver and Purpose Driven courses by Arriane Serafico to give me a direction in terms of where I want to go. I also pushed myself to be a better saver and wiser spender. 

This year, I chose COMMIT

Since I started pushing myself to be better last year, this year, I decided to commit to it; hence my one word for this year. 

Commit is a combination of two Latin words com, which means with, and mittere, which means put or send. When combined committere means to join or entrust until the word evolved into commit during late Middle English  At present, Oxford Dictionary defines commit as “to perpetrate or carry out, pledge or bind to a certain course. 

It’s not enough that I outlined what I want to do and where I want to be. I already have the tools and equipment to get the plans started. I already know the track I want to take and how to make it happen. This year, what I need to work on is my attitude and the proper mindset to make those goals happen.

This is why I chose COMMIT to help me put things in perspective and enable me to become a better version of myself. I commit to a healthier me by embracing healthy lifestyle that includes right diet, exercise, and limiting sweets. I commit to being a good saver by prioritizing savings and limiting spending on unnecessary things that are purely material in value. I commit to being a more disciplined freelancer and blogger by constantly looking for opportunities to showcase what I can do and prioritizing work as well. I commit to being a better mother by being more patient with my kids and controlling my temper (since I don’t need to get mad for the littlest things, don’t you think?). I commit to being a more loving wife to my husband by giving him more time. 

In other words, I commit to be a better wife, mother, blogger, and as a person in general. After all, changes wouldn’t happen if I don’t do anything about it, right? 

What about you? What’s your one word for this year? 



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