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Did I mention I am yaya-less for the past few weeks? Despite the extra work at home, being yaya-less could be liberating, which means there is privacy too. Apparently for me, this means my OCD is making its way again. As soon as our yaya left, I am on a mission to keep everything clean and organized at home – and no room could escape my watchful eye. My organizing partner: READY WRAP CONTAINERS.I have been using Ready Wrap containers for quite some time already and had all praises for the Freezer Ready containers. Imagine my excitement…

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{CLOSED} Review: Moderne Lifestyle Toys + GIVEAWAY


Shopping for my girls has always been my guilty pleasure. Whether it is shoes, clothes or toys, I enjoy buying for them and convince myself that they need it anyway. However, I am always extra careful with my purchases especially when it comes to toys. I want to make sure that their toys are educational, encourages development and stimulates their mind. Thankfully, I came across Moderne Lifestyle. I only found out about this online shop on Instagram by chance. I was following this brand and she posted about Moderne Lifestyle. It was pretty new at that time (with…

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{CLOSED} TMA Homeschool’s 2015 Parents Conference: Set Them Up For Success + GIVEAWAY


I’ve never been a believer or an advocate of homeschooling. No pun intended but every time I think of homeschooled kids, I imagine anti-social individuals with no sense of personality. Of course, that was what my immature self was saying. When I entered the world of blogging, I met and read fellow moms’ journey with homeschooling. I realized I was wrong. Homeschooled kids are perfectly normal individuals and they go through a scheduled curriculum too, just like in ordinary schools. What I didn’t realize was homeschooling is also about hard work and patience – and not everyone…

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{CLOSED} Book your Summer Trip with Travel Set Go + Giveaway


It’s almost summer time! Where are you going for a quick getaway with the family? Wherever you are heading, it is really important to book as early as now since summer can be a pretty busy season for most hotels and resorts in the country. I bet a lot of hotels are fully booked already.    If you haven’t figured out yet where to go, then check out Travel Set Go.Who is Travel Set Go? Travel Set Go is a private online site that offers discounted rates for its 200,000 partnered hotels not just…