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I grew up with sedan as our family car. My dad is not fond of big cars and opted for the “bigger sedans,” if there is such a thing, as a family car. Apparently, my husband is different, at least in car choice. He prefers bigger cars over the smaller ones since according to him, mas may gamit. I have to admit. At first, I felt a bit intimidated driving SUV. It is bigger, more masculine, and harder to park. At the same time, I can’t easily swivel my way and do the “moves” when in traffic. But…

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On Choosing a Family Car: Brand New vs. Second-Hand


There are many things married couples should look into and decide on: family home, child’s education, how to raise kids, savings account, and yes, a family car.A family car. Personally, I do not consider car as an investment. The moment it steps out of the casa, the value immediately depreciates. Once you decide to sell it, you won’t be able to earn from it and could even get less than 50 percent than its original price. Don’t even get me started with maintenance costs. Although I know nothing about cars and the mechanisms…