Preparing for Parenting By Attending a Childbirth Class

Sep 19, 2013 | Random Thoughts

Childbirth / Lamaze classes are not very popular here in Manila. In fact, I never heard of one until I got pregnant back in 2011. As a condition imposed by my OB-GYN to allow my husband inside the delivery room, she required us to attend a childbirth class. There are only few information about “childbirth class in Manila” but luckily I found one. And good thing, it turns out to be a legitimate one.

Childbirth_Class_Nov._13,_2011The class was conducted in Ateneo campus by Rome Kanapi, a certified childbirth educator. It was a once a week class for six consecutive weeks where everything about pregnancy and after birth will be taught – maternal anatomy, deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, prenatal exercises, possible complications during delivery and even how to take care of a newborn. Daddies will be taught how to change diapers or give bath to a baby since parenting is a shared responsibility, right? There are handouts and a handbook that are useful in preparing soon-to-be parents for the blessing along the way. In fact, Rome was able to discuss all those questions which I didn’t even think about or haven’t discussed yet with my doctor – and she was gracious enough to answer all questions.

Diaper Changing

My husband, learning how to change a diaper

Different baby brands such as Mustela, Philips Avent, Pigeon / Safety First and Nursing Moms also introduced and demonstrated their products. They also gave samples every session (a favorite!) and discounts (and I mean significant discounts) when you purchase on that day. Aside from this, I met a lot of people who like me, have no idea on what to expect about pregnancy and childbirth, and gained few friends along the way.

Childbirth_Class_Nov._6,_2011So for all of you in Manila who is at least seven months pregnant and are looking for a legitimate childbirth class, this one is for you. You will surely learn a lot from this experience. For P4,500, the experience is worth it.

Note: Enrollment fee may have changed. 



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