As a parent, we always want to make sure that our kids get only the best. That is why as early as they were born, we want to give them the protection they need through vaccines. Unfortunately, not everything comes for free. And yes, vaccines can be expensive too. Of course, you can’t get away with it since you don’t want any regrets in the end, right? My kids had their PCV shots at P5,000.00 per shot! That’s three shots for both my girls, which means I spent P30,000 for one vaccine alone – and booster shots are not even included.

What if I tell you that there is a cheaper way to get vaccines for your tots? No mommas, you are not compromising your kids’ health. You are merely looking for other ways to get access to vaccines at a cheaper price. VaccinesPress Release

PRODUCT: Pedia and Adult Vaccines (direct from manufacturers)

MISSION: Help parents save on vaccines which can be used to buy other essential needs of the family

Iwas butas bulsa nila mommy & daddy sa bakuna ni baby 🙂

Mahal ba ang vaccine ni baby?

Halos monthly ang bakuna lalo na pag newborn.

Vaccines need not be expensive.

Save a LOT from vaccines with these easy steps:

1) Inquire if your required vaccine is available
2) Deposit payment to BPI account. Email/post deposit slip.
3) Choose a day and time: M,W,F 9am onwards (order 1 week in advance)
4) Meet-up at desired MRT/LRT1/LRT2 station
5) Text your name, shirt color (for easy recognition)

MEET-UP PLACE: LRT1, LRT2 and MRT stations

SCHEDULE: Monday – Wednesday – Friday (9am onwards)

Please be on time.
Bring an insulated cooler with ice pack (available for sale @ 70 each)

*If you don’t have a cooler at hand, additional P100 for a container, ice pack, fabric (for the cold chain to be  properly maintained)

Imagine sa dami ng kelangang vaccines ni baby…madami na maiipon…pang gatas,diaper,tuition na din yun 🙂

Nakatipid ka na

Nakapag-ipon ka pa.

Save on Vaccine 🙂

Book your orders now !!!

For inquiries and order, call Chinnie Asilo, 0922-8329354 / 0917-5329355