#TMCReview: Keeping Your Freezer Organized with Ready Wrap Freezer Ready Container

Jan 25, 2016 | Reviews

Confession: I have OCD. Well, sort of. It is manageable but I hate it when everything goes out of order or when my kids’ toys are placed in the wrong box. I love keeping everything organized – and with proper labels for every container – to maintain order at home. 

This includes our kitchen. 

When we buy meat, fish, and poultry products, all sellers will place it in a plastic. This annoys me since our helper just put and squeeze everything in the freezer. This gives me a hard time to look for what I need when I’m in the mood to cook. Then I used other plastic containers but keeping them inside the freezer made them crack or became distorted. 

Then I discovered Freezer Ready containers from Ready Wrap. I saw about it through a blog and after searching, I am happy they finally found its way in Handyman.Ready Wrap 1What I Like about Freezer Ready Containers


I live in colors. As much as possible, I keep every box color coded so it will be easier for me to associate it with something. Thankfully, Ready Wrap containers come in four different colors – green, blue, purple and red. I may not have places labels on the containers but I can tell what goes where.  IMG_2337Easy to clean 

Just like other plastic containers, the Freezer Ready containers are easy to clean and wipe. 

Doesn’t crack easily

This is my favorite. I mentioned how easy it is for other containers to crack when places in the freezer for a certain amount of time. Ready Wrap’s Freezer Ready containers are different. They don’t crack and get distorted easily even if there are ice wrapped all over. I’ve been using the containers for more than a month now (as of this writing) and they are still in their original shape.  image (8)Comes in different sizes 

Ready Wrap’s Freezer Ready containers come in three different sizes: 500ml, 1,000ml, and 1,600ml. I was only able to get the 1,600ml (the biggest) container since that is the only one available in Handyman. I hope to get my hands on other sizes so I don’t have to place frozen products on a big containers to save some space. 

Fits the freezer perfectly 

I don’t have a big ref so I make sure I will maximize every inch inside it. I was a bit worried since I’m not sure if the containers will fit when I stack them. Fortunately, it fits my freezer perfectly, with extra space for other frozen foods. IMG_2335Multi-purpose

Aside from the freezer, I also use the containers to store leftover foods, which will be reheated the following day using the same container. I also use it to place my baked goodies and give them to my parents. The containers are definitely smart storage solution that could go from freezer, to ref, and even use it for gifts. image (10)Value for Money

They say good things come with a prize. But good things don’t always have to be expensive. A pack of Ready Wrap Freezer Ready containers cost P199.00 with seven pieces in assorted colors. I am not sure as to how much other containers with the same size costs since I haven’t done my research yet but considering the durability and functionality, I don’t mind paying for P199.00 for seven colorful containers. 

The Not-So-Good Side 

I have two concerns:

  • Freezer Ready containers from Ready Wrap are seldom available in the supermarkets I frequent too. I don’t have the luxury to go to their warehouse so I’m glad when I found this in Handyman. I hope they will be available in all major supermarkets so it will be easier to get my supply. 
  • I hope they will have containers with bigger and deeper sizes.

Will I Recommend It? 

Of course! Ready Wrap’s Freezer Ready containers are functional, multipurpose, and durable, which can stand whatever the temperature is. If you want to put order in your refrigerator, then Ready Wrap containers won’t surely disappoint. 

Check out Ready Wrap Freezer Ready containers are available in SM Savemore branches, Shopwise, and in Uratex showrooms.


  1. msbolin

    I love the colors. I use transparent disposable Tupperware for our meats and fish. But when there are two days old or more inside the freezer, you can’t anymore distinguish them from the outside so I have to open each container. Thanks for the top. Will certainly look for those colorful plastic ware.

  2. Neri Ann

    Maganda din to pang organize ng mga items sa loob ng ref noh?

    • Ayi

      Yes 🙂 Mas malinis pa tignan 🙂

  3. Joy Mendiola

    These are nice! Color-coded. But no matter how I fix the ref, magulo pa din.

    • Ayi

      You should try this 🙂 Malay mo 🙂

  4. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    i always use containers for everything and anything that we put inside the fridge. But those were cool colors! I like them! 🙂

  5. Erlaine | Glamma Momma

    I use these to organize my freezer and I love them! Matibay and yes hindi talaga sila nagcra-crack. Matagal ko na silang gamit 🙂 Highly recommended!

  6. mommykach

    Our fridge needs this! My kids are picky eaters and sometimes they dont get to finish their food so this will come handy din.

  7. Lady Anne Louise Barrun

    We always have left over foods and our fridge is always a mess. This must be our solution.

  8. Mommy Pehpot (@mommypehpot)

    I have OCD too.. and though manageable, I have bouts of nervous breakdowns because of it 🙁 and one of the triggers is a disorganized ref and freezer!

    I use the ready wrap for food with sabaw pero if dried, best option is zip lock 🙂 space saver pa!

    • Ayi

      I haven’t tried the zip lock yet for food. Do you recycle it or tapon agad? Parang nakakahinayang eh.

  9. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I was just saying to mommy lani that our freezer is building up frost fast when it’s supposed to be frost free. We use these containers too, but because of hte frost, dumidikit sila, nasira na nga yung iba eh. I’m a recovering OCD myself…recovering kasi when my my two younger sons were born, either maloka ako or to learn to live with the mess! 😛

    • Ayi

      LOL :)) I’m trying to live with my kids’ mess pero hindi ko kaya. I ended up packing their toys agad ’cause the mess irritates me :))

  10. Louisa Mercado

    A great way to store and identify. Hopefully they have more varieties in sizes and make it more readily available.

  11. Maan Laxa

    So cheap but pretty! We currently use microwavable containers for our freezer and I’ll be glad to replace them with these.

  12. tweenselmom

    I’m looking for those kinds of containers for our freezer, Masama daw kasi ang plastic sa freezer.

  13. Mommy may

    great way pang organize sa freezer 🙂

  14. Mamanee (@mamaneesnest)

    I am OCD too and I also those keepers! It really makes your freezer organized. 🙂

  15. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Oh, I like! I hate those containers that break when taken out from the freezer!

  16. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    Cute boxes! Ako naman I don’t like boxes with colors, I want transparent containers as much as possible so I can tell what’s inside.


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