#RealMomsSpeakUp on Yaya Uniform: Yay or Nay?

Jan 16, 2017 | Random Thoughts

We all have our rules when it comes to dealing and managing our helpers. Some households prohibit the use of cellphones or television during “work hours” while some are lenient about it. I know some moms who buy their yayas their own utensils, toiletries, or food while there are others who don’t since they can use their salary to buy their personal needs. Perhaps, one of the major concerns among households these days is the yaya uniform

Others view uniform as a necessity while there are others who look at it as a status symbol. There are many who believe that uniform creates division among the employee and employer and others look at it as a sign of professionalism. 

Each one of us has its own take on uniforms for helpers. Here’s what moms have to say about this: 

Yes, They Should Wear One 

According to mom blogger Mommy Pehpot, she likes her nanny to wear a uniform since they look more decent and there is a sense of professionalism. Mommy Frances said yes, her yaya wears a uniform since it’s the yaya’s preference. It also makes her look more professional and her helper appreciates the neighbors’ compliments about how clean she looks. Apart from this, she also opined that uniforms are mere externals since – in her own words – “What’s the use of making her feel comfy and not wear a uniform, when we scrimp on their pay, benefits, or day off? What matters is what’s within.”

Another mom blogger, Mommy Renz of Pinay Mommy Adreamer let her yaya wear a uniform since it was requested by the latter. If the helper requests for one, she will provide.  

In other words, families who require their helpers wear a uniform is not necessarily to create division or discriminate them, but merely to make them look more neat and professional. 

No, Why Should They? Mommy Joey of joeydragonlady.com said, “We never really thought about making yaya wear a uniform. We are a simple family. We usually ask her to wear something comfortable and decent when we go out.”

Mommy Badet of badudets.com doesn’t require a uniform as long as her helpers wear decent and proper attire. She also added that it is their way of letting their helpers express themselves and know that they are not treated differently. This view is also shared by another mom, Mommy Rhona, adding that uniform creates a distance between employees and employer. At the same time, they treat their helpers as part of the family and not just “yayas.” 

Mommy Jocris didn’t let her helpers wear uniform too since for her, they are a simple family and her helpers won’t be comfortable too. 

Other families no longer required uniform, as long as they wear something decent. 

My Take on the Issue Personally, I prefer my helpers wearing a uniform, especially when going out. It is not about creating division or making them feel more inferior. For me, they look more neat and presentable, plus the uniform I provided is made of cotton material, so I am sure they are comfortable with it.

Before I impose, I always ask my helpers if they are comfortable with wearing a uniform. I had yayas who like wearing one so that they don’t have to worry about what to wear when going out. I had a yaya who told me that she heard someone say how neat she looks during our trip in Manila Ocean Park. Some also reasoned out that they don’t have much clothes, so wearing a uniform is a sigh of relief for them.  On the other hand, I had helpers who prefer wearing their own clothes even when we go out – and that is fine with me. Some of them don’t feel comfortable wearing a uniform and I respect that. My only requirement is that their clothes should be decent and appropriate since they will be handling kids too.  The bottom line is this: consider your helpers’ opinion on whether or not they should wear uniform. Ask them beforehand if they prefer wearing one or not. If yes, then provide them with a uniform made of comfortable material. Otherwise, ask them their reasons and explain to them why you require one (especially if that is your requirement). If they still insist on not wearing one, let go and respect it. Despite the many horror stories, I feel that our helpers should still be treated with dignity and respect and getting their opinion on certain matters that involves them is the first step. 

What about you? Do you require your nanny to wear a uniform? I wanna hear your thoughts! 

P.S. Thank you to all the moms who shared their opinions. 


  1. Jenelyn Palogod-Uboñgen

    We don’t have nanny at home but I am (always) the helper of both my hubby and my son and so I get to choose the clothes I want to wear. haha! But seriously, I agree with you in considering your helpers concerns. Anyway, they take care of your family, so it’s also good to give the care in return 😉

  2. Kim Reyes

    We haven’t had a nanny for four years (personal preference). If we do hire one, I prefer that she wear a uniform. I agree with the other moms – it makes the nanny look neat and professional.

  3. Coi Ibanez

    I don’t have a yaya for my daughter, though we do have a helper here at home and no she doesn’t wear a uniform, she’s like a family to us na kasi. Growing up, in my family, we’ve always had one, and then there’s this one helper who wears a uniform even when we told her na it’s okay kahit wag na siya mag-uniform, kami yung na-awkward eh hehehe, or hindi lang kami sanay. Hehe 🙂 Kung magkaroon naman ng yaya ang daughter ko, kung gusto nya mag uniform ok lang pero kung ayaw nya okay lang din basta maayos suot, hindi yung lagi naka-sando at super ikli na shorts hahaha 🙂

  4. ceemee

    All my kids’ nannies did not wear uniform. But, if I were to go back in time, I would have preferred them wearing uniforms. Yet, it’s sometimes not practical to invest in uniforms because we don’t know how long they will last. These clothes are not one size fits all.

    • Ayi

      I agree. I was just lucky that my yayas are in the same sizes, kaya it was passed on. Hehehe. Though I had an experience when one yaya (she lasted 15 days) took all the uniforms when she left. Hassle!

  5. mamaspeaksagain

    I dont like putting my yayas in uniform since I initially find it degrading until i had a yaya who dresses too sexy (always in shorts and low neckline). Imagine wearing that while chasing after a 3-4 year old.

    • Ayi

      I think she will really need one. Distracting eh :))

  6. EINz

    It’s a big NO for my husband, and I agree with him. I think its a barrier and only for rich families as we we’re not used to having a helper in uniform. But ofcourse, we all have our different views regarding this. But I think if incase our helper want to wear one, we still won’t allow her. It makes us feel uncomfortable.

  7. EINz

    Its a big NO for us. As we are not used to having a helper in uniform. Maybe if our helper requested to wear one, we still won’t allow her because it makes us feel uneasy and distant.

  8. Jhanis

    Our nanny does not have a uniform and I’m okay with it. And yes as long as she wears something presentable and clean especially that my kids go to a Christian school.

  9. Mommy Levy

    we’ve been helper less for 6 years now but if I will go back to work and will need one again, I agree with you to ask them if they want to have uniform or not. For me as long na decent ang suot okay lang. Ayoko ng uniform personally kasi ang iniisip ng iba mayaman ang family pag naka uniform ang mga yaya, so nakakatakot din baka kasi ma kidnap 🙁

  10. Madz

    Unless they’d request for a uniform I prefer yayas to wear their own clothes.I personally feel awkward with help wearing a uniform.

  11. Momma Mitch

    We don’t have a yaya/helper pero siguro kung meron man, I wouldn’t ask them to wear a uniform. I’d like them to dress as they please basta maayos at disente silang tingnan. Pero kung gusto nila, then go. Why not? Hehe. Just my two cents. 🙂

  12. gilian

    People from middle to low status see yayas with uniform a little offensive or degrading. Those on the upper see it as a way to make things professional. I initially opt to not have yayas in uniforms becuae I feel they are part of the family, but if they ask for one, maybr they could, but if the problem is the dress, I can usually provide one that fits the event.

  13. Lariza Garcia

    its their choice kung ako ang tatanungin

  14. Rowena Wendy Lei 林露薇 (@animetric)

    Ako for certain occasions, like for example may party sa hotel. Most of the time they have no clothes appropriate for formal occasions kasi. Labo naman if I make her wear a gown and cocktail dress paano naman siya mag-aalaga ng bata ng ganun?

  15. Liz Aquino

    We never grew up with a yaya and when some of my relatives hire one, they never had uniforms. So when it was my turn to find a yaya for my son, it never occurred to me to give the option. Besides, it’s just me, my son and the yaya at home so I never really saw the need to ask her to wear one.

  16. Maan Laxa

    My son’s old yaya was particularly choosy with her clothes, so a uniform was out of the question. Personally, though, I prefer not to have to buy them uniforms because, echoing what Joey said, we’re also a simple family. However, if they request for one, maybe I’ll think about it!

  17. Josephine

    We have helpers before but we really do not require them to wear uniform, especially since we always hire distant relatives as helpers and we really treat them as a family. 🙂

  18. Cheanne

    We don’t require helpers to wear uniforms except once or twice when the kids were really young and we had to attend a party. I feel that it’s OA if you’re just at home and they have to wear uniforms. It’s like a scene from soap operas haha.

    • Ayi

      Yes, me too, usually pag nasa labas. But inside the house, own clothes na nila. Though I have friends na even if nasa house, uniform dapat ang yayas.

  19. Denice Joyce Diaz-Faeldonia

    I can’t really say anything about the subject because we don’t have a yaya for bunny. It is my aunt who looks after her. For me though if we had a helper I would ask for her opinion. Just to get a feel on what her thoughts are, she would be the one wearing it kasi not me.

  20. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    I dont put too much issue on wearing uniform or not. Whats important to me is looking neat and presentable esp when we’re out. Though before my nanny wears uniform amd most of our relatives and neigborhood in the province was like why??? 🙁

  21. Edel San

    My daughter’s yaya didn’t wear a uniform nor do my yaya when I was growing up. For my daughter naman, I sometimes buy the yaya nice collared shirts or tops that she can use whenever we attend gatherings. We did discuss other yayas who wore uniforms and she said she’s okay with it but I guess I’m too lazy to buy her one.

  22. Maria Teresa Gregorio-Figuerres

    I’ve never required my son’s yayas in the past to wear uniform, but I have restrictions in what they wore. It should be decent (no short shorts and sandos, please).

  23. TweenselMom

    I had a nanny once lang para sa bunso ko. Once I thought na medyo degrading nga ang uniform pero when you think of it, you are just treating them professionally. You actually treat them with respect when you give them uniforms, kasi they give service.

  24. Janice

    I’ve experienced doing both. I was fine with not letting the yaya wear a uniform but based on experience, I was usually not satisfied with what our yayas decided to wear. Some just don’t look professional or decent so I prefer that they wear uniforms instead.

  25. Macy Santos

    NO! and YES! I say no to traditional Yaya uniform of scrub suit or maid’s dress type. Admit it or not, making them look professional can be a form of discrimination. Since seeing people wearing these type of uniforms are associated with being a household help/yaya /katulong. I say YES to wearing a decent comfy shirt paired with comfy shorts inside the house. It cannot be called a uniform but in stead a work appropriate attire that is comfy for the wearer.

  26. Cris Evert Lato Ruffolo

    Ate Joy, technically the mutants’ yaya, is addressed as “Ate Joy”. The word “yaya” is not a common word in our home. She’s been with us since the twins were born. No, she doesn’t wear a uniform. Nothing against families having their yaya wear uniform sets.. It’s just that wearing uninforms makes me feel uncomfortable.

  27. Berlin Domingo

    When we had our yaya before, we did not provide her with a uniform. Now, I have seen the beauty of wearing one. I agree that it looks more neat and presentable. But should I get a yaya (which I doubt), I will still let her wear her usual clothes and just remind her to dress appropriately.

  28. Mrs. MM

    Our yaya just came today and we asked her about wearing uniform and she said she prefers to wear one because she only has limited clothes. I actually read a few blogs about this issue and I also believe of asking her preferences first. I am planning to buy 3 sets for the meantime coz I only want her to wear kapag lumalabas, plus i have an 8month old baby girl so it would look more neat if she’d wear one. I also feel like buying her the not so traditional all white uniform maybe those of light colors or scrub suits with pretty prints para fun and girly pa din. I’ll let her choose!


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