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Jul 1, 2018 | Random Thoughts

I live and breathe worksheets. I have this habit of looking for free worksheets, printing them, and placing them in a clear book so my kids have something to do during spare time. Plus, I want to limit their screen time so I keep them engaged in worksheets and workbooks as much as possible, aside from toys, of course. 

Workbooks will always be part of my must-buy when going to bookstores. Of course, the frugal in me wants to save as well, so I just score for free worksheets online – and I found one that I want to share with you, mommas. 

Download this for FREE by clicking the picture

I enjoy doing word searches when I was younger and the idea of “finding something and actually finding it” gets me excited. I also remember buying Word Search books in National Bookstore before to keep myself busy. I introduced this activity with my eldest daughter months ago and she wasn’t up for it. She had a hard time looking for words and she didn’t have much patience to actually look for them, so she just gave up. I just encouraged her, more on pushed her to try harder and when she finally found her first ever word, she couldn’t stop. 

Word search can be a good tool to teach kids to be patient and determined to finish the task given to them. Sure, it may be a simple activity, but the idea of challenging them and them rising up to the challenge is something we want to teach our kids, don’t you think? Plus, it is a good way to increase their vocabulary. What I do is that every time she finds a word, I ask her to make a sentence out of it or identify what type of noun it is. This gives her additional challenge and thankfully, my daughter cooperates. 

To the mommas in the other side of the world, summertime is here so let’s practice our reading skills with this fun snorkeling word search. Continue the fun at with more reading, games, and printables. 


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