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I find supermarket trips therapeutic. I get to spend alone time plus I enjoy discovering new products sold in the market. Unfortunately, grocery trips could mean “gastos” and if I’m not too careful, my grocery bill might balloon up. There was a time the husband and I spent more than P10,000 in our weekly grocery – and we only had one kid that time! When we were just starting, we also go to S&R to buy food for the weekend even if we went to Landmark already the day before.Thankfully, we learned and we are now…

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5 Simple Tips to Get You Out of Credit Card Debt


I made a lot of confessions on this blog and here’s another one: I used to swim in credit card debt years ago. It wasn’t that big since I paid for at least more than minimum every month before the due date. Still, whatever angle you look at, it is still DEBT. Thankfully, for my first credit card, my dad paid for the remaining balance while the second one was paid off by my husband. I didn’t have any source of income at that time so they decided to help me pay off my dues…