Meet the Momma

Hi! I’m Ayi, the momma behind this blog, The Momma Chronicles.

I am:

  • A mom of two beautiful girls who makes my world crazy and fulfilling.
  • A freelance content writer and social media manager since 2013.
  • A mompreneur wherein I sell homemade sausages, Jilliana’s Food Products, and manage rental property.
  • A Communications Manager for a FinTech company since 2017.

How It Started

Call it boredom but this blog started sometime 2013 after I gave birth to my second daughter. I needed an outlet to help me cope with post-partum disorder and I found comfort in writing. Since then, The Momma Chronicles became a venue for me to share my journey not just as a mom and wife but also in re-discovering myself.

What is The Momma Chronicles about?

The blog is everything parenting and momma-hood. You will find tons of stories, experiences, learnings, adventures as a stay-at-home mom. I also share recipes and activities my kids and I do at home. I also blog about our travels as a family as well as getaways with the husband because being a mom shouldn’t stop me from being a wife, too, right?

Stick around and I hope you’ll pick a thing or two from reading my blog.