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Yaya-Less Household


“Ma’m, gusto ko na po umalis. May sakit ang anak ko / may emergency po sa amin. Kailangan ko po umuwi.” How many times have you heard this line – and more? Countless times, that’s for sure. Don’t worry. You are one of the thousands of mommas (including me!) who are helper-less and trying to juggle kids, work, and chores 24/7. It is hard work, but eventually, you will get by – and dealing with mess is something you have to learn how to deal with. On the other hand, there are mommas who are&nbsp…

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One Year and Counting: How We Survived a Yaya-Less Household


Here’s something you should know about me: I lost track of the number of household helpers we had. In the five years that my husband and I are living together, I could say that we have close to 20 helpers already, one even lasted for less than 24 hours! When our last yaya said goodbye last April 2016, that was our last straw. We’re tired of looking (and hoping!) for a reliable househelp that we decided to just stop hiring one.One year later, we are still yaya-less and we don’t mind. Sure, I still miss…