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Prior to marriage and even if we were living together, my husband and I maintain separate bank accounts. Except for the expenses at home and for the kids, we follow the “What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is yours” rule. It’s not about being selfish. We prefer keeping our money separate but have a “common fund” to pay for the bills, household help, grocery and kids’ needs. When we got married, the husband decided to open a joint bank account. We still have our own separate money and accounts but having a joint bank…

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#TheLegalMomma: Love Child: Legitimizing a Child after Marriage


I have a confession to make: I got pregnant before I was married to my then boyfriend, now husband. It was summer of 2011 and first year in law school just ended when I found out I had a bun in the oven. Obviously, my parents weren’t very happy about it. My (sort of) conservative dad wanted us to get married, even if it means civil rites, for the baby’s sake. My open-minded mom on the other hand is not into the idea of getting married kasi nabuntis. Of course, we still had it our way…