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Christmas Gift Ideas


I have so much appreciation and respect for teachers. Apart from their dedication and commitment to teach our kids, I believe that they are also selfless when they take the role as our child’s second parent. This is why I always make it a point to give back to my kids’ teachers as a symbol of appreciation.Since it’s Christmas season once again, here are some gift ideas you can give that every teacher will appreciate and I promise, you won’t find those scented candles and bath gels in the list:1. Gift Card or Gift…

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#TMCGiftIdeas for Your Yayas this Christmas


Okay, fine. I’ve been yaya-less for the past few months (I actually lost count), so this shouldn’t concern me at all. It is also the first time we will be celebrating without a helper, so this is something new to us plus two people less in the Christmas list. Since it’s the season of giving and I’m sure there are still families with yayas, I just want to share some gift ideas you can give to them, which based on experience, my yayas appreciated: Something They Can UseIn a previous post, I…