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Preschool for Kids


When I was looking for a school for my eldest daughter, I found out that there are three types of school setting implemented in the Philippines: traditional, Montessori, and progressive (you can learn more about it here).After doing research, attending tons of preview classes, accepting the fact that homeschooling is out of the option, and knowing my daughter’s personality, I realized that progressive school is the best approach for her, at least during the first year of her schooling. A year after and she was not accepted to our school of choice because of age, so we continued…

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Educational Debate: Traditional vs. Progressive vs. Montessori Education


As a young and relatively new parent, I am excited to see my girls wear uniform, go to school, teach them with their homework, attend parent-teacher meetings, the works. And now, my time is about to come. Next year, we plan to enroll A for Nursery and see how she will do with the other kids. I have to admit, I am super excited.As I start my quest for a preschool, I noticed how schools advertise themselves as a “progressive” school and how different their approach is compared to other traditional schools. Gymboree was also proud in saying…

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#TMCReview : Preschool at Gymboree Play and Music


Time flies really fast. And when you have kids, time flies even faster. At first, it’s all about changing diapers and milk and breastfeeding then all of a sudden, things change. The once striving little crawler is now running on her own. And I can’t believe that after two years, I need to start looking for a preschool for my baby girl.As I start my quest for the best preschool, I decided to give Gymboree a try. It’s a familiar place for my little one plus most of the teachers already know her. She also attends…