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The first time I applied for my passport, it was my mom who did everything. From filling up application forms to scheduling appointments, she was on top of it. I even remembered going to DFA in Pasay for our appearance. That was more than five years ago, I think. When my husband needed to renew his passport, I immediately resorted to good ol’ Google on how to renew passport. I know that Pilipinas Teleserv has an online facility but I’m not sure what is the exact site. When I found it, I tried it out and…

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How to Apply for NSO Birth Certificate Online


Don’t you just love technology, especially when you don’t have to line up for hours just to get a single documents they can print in seconds? I never tried lining up in NSO just to get my birth certificate. I just order my birth certificate through the NSO Hotline and pay for the corresponding fees. When I found out you can order online (I don’t have a landline since there’s no use for me anyway), I’m happy. I finally got a chance to try the online facility of NSO. My husband needs a NSO…