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Kids are growing up too fast these days. At one point, they are just crying and pooping machines and the next thing you know, they can do things on their own and speak up their mind. This is why my husband and I always make it a point to spend time with the kids as much as we can. We love going to different places, but due to constraints, we settle in the Philippines (for now). One February weekend, my husband and I decided to go on a quick getaway with out girls Tagaytay is our go-to place…

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Review: The Lighthouse Marina Resort in Subic


Finally, a weekend getaway. My kids, especially my eldest, are currently addicted to the zoo. Since it was my mom and sister’s birthdays and there is a zoo up north with more animals and activities compared to the one in Tagaytay, we decided it could be a good opportunity to have a weekend away from the metro. I’ve always been curious about The Lighthouse in Subic and heard good reviews about the hotel. With my mom’s approval, I decided to book rooms for us and I must say we made a good choice. Rooms…