A Simple Summer Schedule For Kids

Apr 2, 2020 | Mom Life

School days can be hectic. My kids go to a traditional school, which means more quizzes and homework. Plus, there’s two of them so I need to do times two of everything.

Now that it’s summer, I make it a point to maintain a schedule for them. Otherwise, the kids will end up using their gadgets if I don’t impose a strict routine. Plus, having a schedule makes us more productive since we are able to finish a lot in one day.

Quarantine or not, here’s how our usual day looks like during the summer:


We usually start our day by 7 am. The kids drink their milk first while I prepare breakfast. I also ask the kids to help me prepare since they’ll have to do that soon. Haha!


My kids are physically active and such balls of energy. After resting their tummies, we do physical activities like ballet and Yoga. There are also tons of kids’ exercise online, so we make use of that as well. Or, we play in the garage.

If they’re not in the mood, I let them help out with chores. They usually water the plants or help hang the clothes. We don’t have a helper so having extra hands are really useful.


Their not-so-favorite part. Haha!

Filipino is my kids’ problem area, so this summer, we all agreed to focus on that subject more. I refrain from classroom-setting type where I teach and they’ll listen since they’ll have tons of that once they go back to school. I usually make use of what I have at home and turn it into a game.

When we’re not doing Filipino, we do Math or do some penmanship drills. We also do spelling for both English and Filipino words.

Free Time

Finally, they can play with their gadgets. I usually let them do what they want after academics as their reward for cooperating and doing the tasks. I figured that my girls are more cooperative if they know that a reward is waiting for them. This is also the time when I prepare for lunch.

If the husband takes over in the kitchen, then this is my time to workout. Yay!


Time to eat. Since the girls are physically active, they also eat a lot and get hungry easily.

Quiet Time

I must admit that I fail on ensuring that the kids get afternoon naps. During those times (which happen most of the time), they usually read a book or play with gadgets. This is also the time where they can play freely with their toys or Lego.

I take advantage of this time by keeping up with online work or blogging.

Art / Academics

This varies depending on their mood. The girls are usually into art so there are paintings and drawings involved. Their dad steps in as well since he is moe artistic than me.

If they’re not feeling creative, then we do lessons. This is more informal since there is no specific topic to be discussed. We usually get reference books and read about it.

Or, it’s board game time!


Another favorite part of the kids who love to eat. Since I already removed the slide, we have a big area in the family room where we can have indoor picnic. This is the time where we talk about anything under the sun or sometimes, we watch a movie (Matilda’s a favorite, btw).

I also let the kids help out in preparing the food. It’s a good way to teach them independence and responsibility, especially now that they are growing up real fast.

Music Time

The kids are into piano lately. Since I can’t enroll them in classes yet, I teach them instead. So far, we’re doing great. Yay!

OR, we play outside. We let the kids ride their bikes or play with the neighbors’ kids.

Bath Time

I let the kids take a bath by themselves, again, to foster independence. I’m just outside, supervising them.

I also cook dinner during this time. I have a habit of cooking in big batches so I don’t have to prepare anything the following day. When you have no helper, you need to come up with several tricks to make life easier and cooking in big batches is one of that.


This our family time. Sans quarantine, this is the time when the husband gets home as well. We make it a habit to eat together with no phones and other distractions.

Quiet Time

The kids get ready, go to their room (or our room!), and retire for the night. Before they sleep, they usually get a book first and read. I’m doing my best to be a mindful parent so I read to them or tell them a story, with their help of course.

I make it a point that the girls sleep early even during summer. It gives me plenty of time to finish chores or work and have some me time.

This is also when the husband and I spend time. We don’t normally Netflix and chill since we can’t agree on what to watch so it’s more kwentuhan and wine.

Having a schedule is really important. Since we don’t have a helper, keeping up with this schedule keeps the household organized and the kids more manageable. Of course, we tweak some and refuse to do some, depending on my or the kids’ mood. There are days when we don’t follow this schedule if it’s summer class day.

Generally, having a schedule is a lifesaver.



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