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The Holiday Survival Kit: Must-Have for the Christmas Season


Holiday Survival KitI can’t believe Christmas is in less than two weeks! Few weeks ago, I was just busy contemplating on what to give my family this Christmas and coming up with a Christmas menu for the noche buena. And now, Christmas songs are played everywhere and yes, I have to love the cold weather. We may not have snow in the Philippines but come on, we still have to be thankful for that cold breeze especially at night, right?

So before everything else becomes chaotic and stressful, here’s what’s inside my Holiday Survival Kit and help me get through the season.

1. Christmas wrappers and gift tags. I am not an artistic person but somehow, wrapping gifts is one of my talents. Despite the availability of handbags to make our lives easier, nothing beats wrapping gifts by hand. It is more personalized, a good bonding moments with kids, plus, I enjoy shopping for cute and unique wrappers too.

2. Chocolates. Okay, I have a confession. One reason why I like Christmas is because I have an excuse to buy all the chocolates I want. It’s Christmas season so I’m willing to make an exception on this. Sorry, diet. At the same time, it can be given as gifts, which makes gift-giving easier for me too.

3. Red Lipstick. I am not a make-up person. In fact, I leave the house with a bare face because I know nothing about make-up. Since Christmas season is a time for parties and reunions, I always stick to my best friend: red lipstick. It’s my easiest form of make-up, next to wearing a smile, of course.

4. Gift baskets. Oh, I love gift baskets. I really love it when my dad goes home with gift baskets full of goodies from clients. It makes the receiver feel important because, well, would you give that someone who is not important to you?

In case you are looking for gifts for your man, check out Man Crates. It’s a great gift for the men in our lives and got everything we need for the men in the house. Yes, it makes me wish that there is a company like this for women too.

Everest Grill Crate
Everest Grill Crate
Super Retro Gamer Crate
Super Retro Gamer Crate
The Bacon Crate
The Bacon Crate
Personalized Barware Crates
Personalized Barware Crates

5. Knitted sweater. Another thing I love about Christmas season is the cold weather. It may not be white Christmas for the Philippines but you can’t deny the fact that getting cuddly and warm is perfect for the season. In this case, I always have a sweater or cardigan on hand, just in case the situation calls for it.

6. Camera. One of my favorite inventions ever made is camera. The idea of being able to capture certain moments on film (or digitally, in our case these days) really amazes me. Whether it’s a family vacation, or getting together on Christmas Eve, or opening gifts on Christmas Day, I make sure I am able to capture it.

7. Pasta noodles. I’m still trying to whip up my culinary skills but when it comes to cooking pasta dishes, I can make that even with my eyes closed. Having pasta noodles inside the pantry makes my life easier (and cheaper) in case of impromptu dinners at home with friends.

8. Gift certificates. Are you looking for the easiest way to give something for your loved ones? Then go for gift certificates. It may seem like a no-brainer gift but you are actually giving them the gift of choice. I’ve been giving spa GCs for my parents (along with other gifts, of course) and they really appreciate it – or at least that’s what they are telling me. Lol!

9. Comfy shoes. For the lovely feet, of course. Christmas is the time when we spend more time outside than in our homes. As much as you love rocking that Valentino studded heels, I personally think that wearing comfy shoes all the time is better.

How about you, what’s in your Holiday Survival Kit? 


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  1. mamaspeaks

    Man Crates looks nice. Will check it out later. Thanks for the tips.

    18 . Dec . 2014
  2. Renz

    I tried giving GCs last year but it was not a sure hit. Some of them ended up not using it because they didn’t have the time to go to the mall or a salon I bought the GC from. 🙁

    18 . Dec . 2014
    • Ayi

      Really? Sayang naman. Me, I love getting GCs. It’s like getting something for free :))

      18 . Dec . 2014
  3. Aleigna Lin

    The Man Crates look awesome. I’m not a guy but I think I will enjoy them very much. Haha!

    18 . Dec . 2014
  4. Rackell Lumberio-Villareal

    This year, since we don’t have enough time to buy gifts for our families, inaanaks and close friends, my husband decided to purchase Sodexo GC. 🙂

    18 . Dec . 2014
  5. Maan

    Perfect list! I super agree with Number 2, though. I love the man crates too!

    18 . Dec . 2014
  6. Edel San

    Wow, nice list. I’m on vacay till Sunday and after that, I’ll begin my Christmas Season panic. hehehe …

    19 . Dec . 2014
  7. Mommy Levy

    I gave “pangkabuhayan showcase” aka gift baskets for my son’s teachers at school this year and chocolates for his classmates. For his therapist I will be giving out Starbucks GCs. I like your list.

    20 . Dec . 2014
  8. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I love Christmas Gift Baskets! And you’re right this is the season to have all the chocolates you want..heehee

    20 . Dec . 2014
  9. MrsMartinez

    I love red lipstick! Did you know that it makes your teeth appear whiter too?!


    22 . Dec . 2014
    • Ayi

      I noticed it. That’s why I love red lipstick since I’m not a makeup person pa naman 🙂

      12 . Jan . 2015
  10. yvonnembertoldo

    The man crates looks so cool, but may I know how much a box costs? thanks 🙂

    25 . Dec . 2014

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