Give me a Break: Tips to Keep your Sanity Intact

Oct 22, 2013 | Random Thoughts

Admit it mommies. Being a mother is a difficult job. More so when you juggle motherhood with your work, household chores and other activities. When you’re a mom, you suddenly realize that 24 hours is not enough to do all the work.

Now you may wonder, how come there are mommies who can balance career, family life and everything in between? It’s because they know how to stop and take a break just to keep their sanity intact. 

I know what you’re thinking. The “snooze” button does not even apply to mommies. Of course not! Moms are humans too who rightfully deserves a break. So if you feel like you are going to explode from all the stress, here are some things you can do (which I do too):

Photo from Purpleapple428, Flickr

Photo from Purpleapple428, Flickr

1) Just stop. It’s easier said than done but counting 1-10 can make a lot of difference. When you feel exhausted with your kids and work, pause for a few seconds and you will feel better after. Even walking around the block or going up and down the stairs can help too.

2) Get that much needed pampering. Having kids is NOT an excuse to neglect yourself. Learn to take care of yourself and address your needs too. Get a mani-pedi or have a haircut or schedule a massage in your favorite spa place. You will feel rejuvenated plus, you can have the energy to deal with things again because you’re able to rest.

3) Read a book. If you’re into reading, then grab the book that’s been resting on your bookshelf since you-cant-remember-when. Read a few chapters and take time to immerse yourself in another world before going back to reality.

4) Cook / Bake. There’s something about food that brings comfort. Whip up those hidden culinary skills and look for recipes you can do. You can even use ready-mix brownies if you’re not too experimental. Aside from giving you a refreshed mind, your husband will even love what you’re cooking.

5) Exercise. Exercise is one way to release endorphins, your happy pill. It can also bring a lot of benefits by keeping you in shape, relieving you from stress and making you feel good inside out.

6) Treat yourself. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a movie date with yourself, a cupcake or a new pair of shoes, rewarding yourself once in a while for a job well done is advisable. However, don’t overdo it. Don’t use the “I’m stressed – I deserve a break” line for your uncontrollable spending. You don’t want to end up with a big debt at the end of the month just because you want to keep your sanity intact.

Remember moms, you deserve a break too. While the kids and work may need utmost attention, that doesn’t mean you should neglect your personal needs as well.


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