6 Money Lessons We Can Learn From During Quarantine

Apr 17, 2020 | Money and Saving

Admit it. This whole Covid-19 pandemic and the entire island being placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine tested us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Worse, it also affected us financially. After all, not all industries could implement work-from-home options. Instead of “living,” we all shifted to “surviving.”

Yes, it’s a struggle especially for our pockets. Like they said, this, too shall pass. In fact, this experience did teach us many things.

Here are some money lessons we could learn from:


Importance of Budgeting

I never understood the importance of budgeting until I had my own family. Ours was never complicated. We simply allocated a specific amount for each expense and make sure that a big chunk goes to our savings. We try our best to reduce unnecessary spending, but we leave room for occasional takeouts.

This simple budgeting strategy became really useful come lockdown.

The point is never underestimate the importance of budgeting. It teaches us to properly allocate the money that comes in and at the same time, be more mindful of our spending.


Emergency Fund is designed for a specific reason. In times like this, now is the perfect time to bring that out because, well, this counts as an emergency and we need cash now more than ever.

Ideally, the Emergency Fund will help us last at least three months, although some are advocating for six months. It must be allocated for in the monthly budget. Ideally, you also save whatever you can and place it in this fund. We’ll never know what will happen in the future and being prepared for it could be a great first line of defense.


I never appreciated digital banking until last year. Online banking made purchases and payments easier and more convenient.

It is highly advisable that you include digital banking in your “must learn” list. Enroll your billers under your account to make it easier for you to pay your bills. Opting for automatic debit arrangement could be helpful, although you need to ensure that your account has sufficient balance to cover for the expense.

Even if the Bayanihan Act prevents service providers from collecting payments with no interest or penalty imposed, it gives us less headache knowing that the bills were paid on time.


Loan and bill payments are suspended as of this writing. Here’s the thing: they are merely suspended. We still have to pay for our financial obligations once the ECQ lifted, although the law states that the amount owed will be divided into six equal installments.

As much as possible, pay off, or at least minimize, any loan and credit card obligations. Nothing beats peace of mind especially during this challenging time. Before you spend on something, make sure to think twice (or more) and whether or not it will hurt your wallet.


Investopedia defined passive income as earnings derived from activities or enterprise, which a person is not actively involved. This includes rental earnings, dividends from stocks, and affiliate marketing among others.

Having a passive income will be helpful now, especially since we are all ordered to stay at home. That being said, don’t be afraid to invest. The market is slowly crashing and now may be a good time to buy those stocks. Investing in bonds is also a good way to earn passive income. If you have a property that you can rent out, then offer it in the market.

The point is don’t shy away from something that sounds intimidating. Explore your opportunities and find an income stream that works best for you.

Just a side note: the husband and I invest in the stock market. I noticed that most of the companies we invested in gave dividends last March, which is a good thing.


Admit it. We want to keep up with the latest trend, no thanks to social media. We also feel pressured to travel or buy new gadgets even if we cannot afford it because of peers posting about their latest in their pages. Unfortunately, the more we try to keep up with the Joneses, the more we hurt ourselves financially.

Live a simple life. Live according to how much you earn. Prioritize needs and savings over wants. Avoid buying things just to make an impression but will make you broke. At this point in our lives, what we need to do is to be more practical and more mindful of our spending.

The bottom line is this: let’s not wait for another pandemic to happen to get our act together. The situation will get better eventually but while we’re at it, let’s learn from this experience.



  1. tweenselmom

    Thanks for an informative article and helping me decide on what to do with my money 🙂

  2. Ramil Hinolan

    The best is budgeting when it comes to money matter or by following this equation – Income less savings equals expenses. sounds hard but very realistic if we really insist in setting aside a portion of our income;

  3. Sundeep

    Thanks for sharing this amazing tips with us. This is very helpful for all us during the time of pandemic. Sharing with my friends

  4. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    Hay. Emergency fund really is a must. I need to do the same and May is the start of my no spend month.

  5. Jon Maldia

    In uncertain times, we need to really to make sure that we take care of our finances. Having emergency funds and living under your means are a must.

  6. World in Eyes

    Sounds great…….. these are quite amazing option to increase income…. thanks for sharing..

  7. Maysz

    I love reading money hacks and I believe that EMERGENCY FUND can help you a lot especially on crisis.

  8. Lyosha

    I think any situation quarantine included is a reason to grow and find positive sides. Great lesson here too

  9. Joanna

    The emergency fund is necessary for situations like this, in which a lot of people lost their jobs. Indeed, loans have been paused for a couple of months, but what will happen when they will be unpaused but people will still be unemployed?

  10. aisasami

    Live simply is something I learn from this! We don’t need so many things to make us happy and so many services, just living day to day with the bare minimum is important.

  11. Alexis

    Simple living is a key to saving money and managing income. I hope we can all take these economic lessons with us even after this pandemic has resolved.

  12. Jessica Collazo

    These are some excellent ideas I would like to start to invest in stock market to thank you for this

  13. WanderlustBeautyDreams

    So many lessons learned during this quarantine! These are great things to keep in mind and to better prepare for the future.


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