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As a parent, it is our responsibility to train our kids and teach them on how they should be as they grow up. As our kids grow, we face a lot of issues and dilemmas, one of which is to teach hem how to use a potty. Yes, it seems like a shallow issue but potty training your child and eventually getting rid of diapers could be challenging. Potty training has a lot of advantages, mostly economical. Diaper consumption will be reduced, allowing us to save something extra and use it for equally important things. But potty training is…

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iPad vs. Traditional Toys


We are in the age where technology has been emerging really fast. If you don’t adapt to it, you’ll be left behind. A lot of new products are being offered in the market, one of which is Apple’s iPad. If you notice, a lot of people already own an iPad or any other tablet. Even kids nowadays own, or at least know how to use an iPad! But take note, there are a lot of considerations before exposing our kids to this: Is it safe? Should we really expose our kids to this kind of technology? Will…