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Nov 28, 2017 | Mom Life

Every year, schools conduct an educational field trip since learning doesn’t have to be confined in the four corners, right? Last year, my eldest daughter, who was Pre-K at that time in Gymboree, was scheduled to visit Dolljoy Museum in Pasig. Unfortunately, I got sick, so she wasn’t able to join.  When I found out that their school is going to visit Dolljoy Museum for their annual field trip, I made sure that she will join this time. 

And we did. 

Get to Know Dolljoy Factory and Museum 

It all started in 1972 when the owner, who has four daughters, decided to make their own dolls. By 1980, Samuel Butcher, the creator and owner of Precious Moments Company, commissioned Dolljoy to manufacture his teardrop-shaped dolls. On 2007, Dolljoy opened its doors to educational tours to showcase the Filipinos’ talent for creating and designing dolls. 

At present, Dolljoy Factory and Museum houses more than 2,000 dolls dressed in various costumes and even in different school uniforms, as well as the personal doll collection of the owners and their children. 

Our Trip to Dolljoy Gallery and Museum 

The kids (and parents) had fun going around the Dolljoy Museum. I personally enjoyed seeing various dolls wearing different clothes and costumes, which comes in various sizes as well. 

Here’s what you can see inside the museum, although there are some areas where I wasn’t able to take lots of pictures: 

Filipiniana Section 

This area showcases the beauty of Philippines. You can see dolls of our 16 presidents, Flores de Mayo costumes, and even native costumes of various ethnic groups from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. 

This is part of the “museum” dedicated for Pres. Cory Aquino

Christmas Village 

The kids in my daughter’s class enjoyed this. There were Disney princesses dolls, which everyone of us are familiar with – Frozen’s Elsa and Anna and Beauty and the Beast. There was also an area dedicated to The Little Mermaid, including Ariel and her sisters.  Also on display was the Christmas village, just in time for the holiday season.  Doll Making Section 

The tour guide, Ate Donna, also brought us to the Doll Making Section so we can see how dolls are made – from molding to painting, to stitching, to quality control, to choosing the clothes for every doll made, and down to packaging. They also use a curling machine to make the dolls’ hair curly. 

Kids looking intently at how dolls were made.

Community Helpers  This is newest addition to their museum. Dolls are dressed as community helpers like doctor, banker, soldier, city mayor, and barber among others while placed in their respective offices. I enjoyed this area because it gives the kids a glimpse of what community helpers do in the society. 

Aside from these areas, there were also dolls showing St. Pedro Calungsod, St. Lorenzo Ruiz, and Pope John Paul II, which I wasn’t able to take pictures. There was also Native American Indian section with dolls dressed in their native costumes. 

Too bad, Dolljoy Factory has not much space to display their dolls dressed in characters we grew up with like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Tarzan and Jane, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pinnochio, Toy Story characters, and other Disney princesses like Cinderella, Aurora, and Moana. The dolls you can see below were on top of a conveyor belt, giving its visitors an idea of what other types of dolls were made. Apart from the tour, the kids also played a game in the Activity Area wherein they were asked to dress the dolls in front of them. The first one to do so will get to bring home the doll for FREE! Unfortunately, my daughter didn’t win twice and got sad. Dolljoy also makes dolls and make them wear according to your child’s school uniform. You can order one, which must be coordinated with your child’s adviser. Of course, our trip will not be complete without getting souvenirs from Dolljoy. I bought two dolls for my girls, Little Red Riding Hood and Belle. I love how well-made the dolls were, which is no surprise since these dolls are being exported. Dolljoy Gallery and MuseumThings to remember when going to Dolljoy Museum: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes. There are some areas that are not air-conditioned, so be as comfortable as you can. 
  • Take as many pictures as you can, EXCEPT when in the Precious Moments area. After all, a doll museum is not something you can encounter or will go to everyday. 
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside the premises. 

What are you waiting for? Add this in your list of To Do’s in Metro Manila and surely, your kids will enjoy seeing dolls in different characters and sizes. 

Dolljoy Factory and Museum is located at 31 C. Raymundo Ave., Caniogan, Pasig City. You can also check out their website to schedule a visit.


  1. Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

    Oooh, I had no idea we have something like this in Metro Manila. My niece will definitely love this museum!

  2. Maan

    I had no idea there was a doll museum in Manila! The dolls on display are very cute, not creepy at all haha. I like the community helpers the most, especially those in the operating room!

    • Ayi

      I swear the dolls are not creepy šŸ™‚ Bought my girls dolls too, although nakakagulat lang at night, especially pag madilim. LOL

  3. Joy

    Wow! This is so nice! I’m sure my daughter would love to see these precious dolls in person. Thank you for sharing! šŸ™‚

  4. MrsEneroDiaries

    Meron palang ganito here in metro. I love the idea, will bookmarked this for my daughter. I love their dolls, they don’t look chuckie – not creepy at all. The love Christmas village! I wish to collect too but it’s quite expensive.

    • Ayi

      Mage-enjoy yung kids for sure šŸ™‚ I’m not sure though if you can walk in or dapat group na pupunta. But their store is open to public naman so you can buy dolls if ever šŸ™‚

  5. tweenselmom

    Girls will definitely love this place. With so many films and animated series created monthly, I’m sure this place will get bigger if the owners will really be up to it.

    • Ayi

      Actually mommy, space is one of their issues daw kaya they cannot display all dolls in the museum. Pero new dolls are on display naman and available in their store, so dapat matiyaga ka lang maghanap šŸ™‚

  6. momi berlin

    Wow! I wonder what my boys’ reaction would be if I invite them to join me visit the place. I love it. And I could see those twinkles in the eyes of the little princesses. They love the place as well. On first thought, I thought I would find them creepy. But as I read along and see the expression of the little girls, seems like those dolls are adorable.

  7. Mhaan (@momyrockinstyle)

    Wow! Didn’t know we have a doll museum in the Metro. I wish I knew this earlier because I love dolls! I will definitely visit this place in the future. Thanks for sharing mommy!

  8. Bernadette Siazon

    I didn’t know that this doll museum exists! Thanks for the virtual tour, kinda interesting to see how the dolls are made.

  9. Susan Reazon

    Wow! Im a precious moments doll collector and im surprise that this dolls are made here…pwede kayang bumili dyan? I will surely visit the place ..thanks for the info

    • Ayi

      Hi! Yes, they have a store where you can buy dolls in different kinds šŸ™‚


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