#TMCReview: Is Sofitel Philippine Plaza Slowly Losing its Childhood Charm in Me?

Jan 8, 2018 | Mom Life, Reviews

Let me tell you something: Sofitel will always have a special place in my heart. 

When I was younger, my family and I would often go to Sofitel, then Westin, to celebrate important occasions – birthday, my parents’ anniversary, you name it. At times, Westin will always be our sweet escape. This is why the place will always have a special place in my heart because it became a part of my childhood and while I grow up.

For my eldest daughter’s birthday, we decided to book and stay at Sofitel (plus, she wanted to go to the hotel too, so there). I was excited to build new memories with my kids and at the same time, share the experiences I had when I stayed in the hotel during my younger years. Our Sofitel Experience

Kids immediately jumped on the bed; hence the look

As always, the room did not disappoint. We got a Superior Room (P8,000++ per night) that is facing the pool and Manila Bay. I also specifically requested for a king size bed so we could all sleep together in just one bed. The sheets are clean and the bed and pillows are comfortable as well. The bathroom is clean and spacious, which is a big plus for me since I have kids. What I noticed though was the anti-slip mat. It was dirty with tons of black spots on it, so I didn’t bother using anymore nor even touch it. Good thing the shower area is not slippery, so I didn’t request for a new mat.  There is also a mini bar where the husband abused the complimentary teas (LOL). Then, there’s a wide desk and a sitting area, which the kids abused as well since they love to write and draw. Here’s another area in the room, which the kids absolutely loved. Unfortunately, you will see traces of “aging” inside the room. 

Old phone, Exposed wires

This is quite disappointing, considering that we are staying in one of the luxurious hotels in the metro. I hope that the management will closely look into the tiniest details in the room. 

I am also not in favor of paying the entire bill upfront during Check-In. I understand the deposit, which serves as a guarantee, but paying the entire reservation must be done upon Check Out. Perhaps, they had a bad experience when a guest ran away, I’m not sure, but I think paying 50 percent of the bill first is fine. 

Food is expensive as well, which was obvious since we stayed in a five-star hotel. Thus, expect five-star-hotel-worth of prices too. On our first day, we had a room service since we can’t go to Harbour Square because of the rain. The food costs us around P2,000 already (we ordered cheese pizza, fish and chips, and clubhouse sandwich). The food tastes good, but it’s just too much for the price. 

Nonetheless, the breakfast buffet in Spiral was good (as usual) and my kids enjoyed the wide selection of food (although they settled for good ol’ pancakes). I enjoyed the taho because there’s something about the syrup that makes it taste different from the ones bought on the streets.  Of course, we are willing to let go of that and focus on the good side. After all, it’s supposed to be a vacation and a treat to our kids so we made it all about them. We took advantage of the playground, which we have to go to twice a day. Since it’s still Christmas season, there’s a Santa village where they sell toys and candies. I love their truffles so much, so I made sure to get a box for us. The kids also love their cookies, so we kept coming back for it. Guest Services also gave my daughter complimentary cookies as well since it’s her birthday, so two thumbs up for that. We also bought her a cake and it’s so good. Perfect for chocolate lovers. The facade overlooking Manila Bay is another favorite. We enjoyed taking pictures and running around while enjoying the cool breeze even when the sun is up. Overall, we enjoyed our stay despite the not-so-good aspects I listed. We would rater focus on experiences and building memories instead of stressing ourselves with the tiniest things. What’s more important is that the kids enjoyed and that’s what matters most. Sofitel will always have a special place in my heart because it is and will always be part of my childhood. This time, I am willing to open my doors on newer hotels and create new memories and experiences with my kids. Nonetheless, I will surely come back to this place I always considered “home.” 


  1. nilyncartagena

    Talagang even when we grow up, the places we love when we were kids will always have a place in our hearts, ano? I have never been to Sofitel before and I don’t know if I’ve ever be able to book a staycation with them in the future. I agree with you though, especially in terms of the payment, but you’re also right, I’m sure there was a reason why they came up to that policy. Nonetheless, it looks like you still had a great time! Belated happy birthday to your little girl! ā™„

    • Ayi

      Thank you! šŸ™‚

  2. Michi (@michisolee)

    Thanks for your review, I will manage my expectation in this hotel. I reserved a room here last month for our anniversary so I hope okay din ang experience namin. I hope they will improve their room because the rate is not cheap.

    • Ayi

      Yes, yung room talaga medyo na-off ako. But overall, we had a pleasant experience šŸ™‚ Happy anniversary! šŸ™‚

  3. Mommy Jhy

    Aww oo nga, kulang sila sa maintenance, sayang naman. We haven’t stayed at Sofitel but we also do staycations to celebrate special occasions. Btw, pareho tayong “former law student” turned stay at home wife/ blogger. šŸ™‚

    • Ayi

      Hello Mommy! Where did you study? šŸ™‚

  4. Wanderful Mom

    A friend stayed at Sofitel late last year too, and she also had the same experience. Parang the price you paid for the hotel isnt worth the hotel room you get. The amenities daw and food (Spiral) is very okay, but the hotel room.. sad šŸ™

    • Ayi

      Diba.. and considering it’s a five-star hotel. Sayang.

  5. Mommy Gracie

    We had our staycation there last 2016, I gave them an excellent rating during our stay, we had our dinner at Harbor Square to be able stick on our budget šŸ™‚ my family enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Spiral.

    There were kids activities scheduled too during our stay, they even upgraded our room for free šŸ™‚

    Hope they can address your room concern so they can retain the excellent quality of their rooms and amenities šŸ™‚

  6. MrsEneroDiaries

    Our family love staycations but haven’t tried at Sofitel. Ang mahal nga ng food, maybe because it is a 5star-hotel nga. The room doesn’t deserved the price sana maayos. Well atleast, you still had a wonderful stay most esp. the kids. šŸ™‚

  7. Neri Ann

    Nacurious ako dun sa title eh! Ganun talaga diba? Kasi kapag mahal we higher expectations. But as you mention, mahalaga pa din the memories we get to spend with the special people. We had some not so great experiences too before sometimes sa travel and so on pero minsan un ung nagiging memorable and tatawanan nio na lang ng mga friends or family.

    • Ayi

      I totally agree. At least nagenjoy ang kids sa staycation šŸ™‚

  8. amethystineblue81882

    What caught my attention is the chocolate trays! šŸ™‚ Great review. I’m considering a staycation next year (pero nagaalangan pa ako kasi Im such a cheapskate haha)


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