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I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer ever since I could remember. Growing up in a family of lawyers, I thought being a lawyer is written in my destiny – and there’s nothing else I can be.Unfortunately not.After college, I didn’t pass any of the entrance exams I took in 3 different law schools. Call me stupid but I do feel it’s not yet my time. I was too naive and immature and I didn’t realize (yet) the implications of my actions. Two years after and much wiser and more mature this time, I…

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Preparing for Parenting By Attending a Childbirth Class


Childbirth / Lamaze classes are not very popular here in Manila. In fact, I never heard of one until I got pregnant back in 2011. As a condition imposed by my OB-GYN to allow my husband inside the delivery room, she required us to attend a childbirth class. There are only few information about “childbirth class in Manila” but luckily I found one. And good thing, it turns out to be a legitimate one.The class was conducted in Ateneo campus by Rome Kanapi, a certified childbirth educator. It was a once a week class for six consecutive weeks where…