8 Things to Consider in Choosing a Big School for Your Child

Mar 10, 2017 | Random Thoughts

Surely all parents will agree with me on this: we want to give the best to our children. From the food they eat to clothes they wear, to the toys they will play with, we only want the best for them. This includes choosing their school. 

Most schools in the Philippines offer Kinder to high school. More often than not, the child will spend half of his/her school life in the same school, unless there are uncontrollable circumstances that force you to transfer. This is why it is important to choose a school that not only provides quality education but also a place your child can call “second home.” 

Let’s face it. Choosing a school for your child can be overwhelming. Been there. Although I have a particular school in mind for my daughter’s big school, we still tried our chances in other schools for alternative choices. Nonetheless, here’s a list of the things we considered when looking for a big school: 

1. Location

This is a big factor when looking for a school. My husband and I wanted Poveda or St. Scho, but it is far from where we live. That’s why we decided to limit our choices to exclusive schools in Quezon City since we don’t want our daughters to spend hours in traffic when they should be resting or playing. At the same time, we want to be able to go there as fast as we could in case of emergency. 

Therefore, choose a school that is accessible and convenient. What’s the point of enrolling your child in the “best school” when you are three hours away from it? 

2. Track Record 

This is another important factor we considered when choosing the best school for our kids. As much as possible, we want a school with proven track record and distinguished alumni. It is a good sign that the school has an established, tried-and-tested, and high-quality educational program because it was able to produce quality graduates. 

Accreditation is also important. Aside from the DepEd certification, check the school’s PAASCU accreditation as well. The PAASCU certification will give you a glimpse of the quality of education a certain school offers. 

3. Classrooms and Other Facilities 

School is equated with learning. As much as possible, you want your child to be able to focus with the lessons taught – and the classroom can be a big factor for that. Classrooms should be well-lit and well-ventilated (aircon is a must for us!) to make sure that the child can focus and concentrate. 

Apart from the classroom, look into the school facilities as well. Is the library filled with books that are appropriate for the kids? Does it have a gymnasium, sports center, or playground where the kids can play? Is the canteen clean and what are the foods served? Are there any safety precautions installed in the school surrounding? These little things should matter to help you decide in choosing a big school for your child. 

4. Curriculum

There are three types of school setting: progressive, traditional, and montessori setting (read more about it here). In choosing a school for our kids, it is important to consider the school’s approach and curriculum to help us determine whether it is the right fit for our child. 

Consequently, ask about the school load like quizzes, homework, and number of exams every school year. As much as we want our kids to learn and excel in life, if the workload is too much for our child, then the school may not be the best option. 

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5. Extra-Curricular Activities

Play and relaxation is important for every child. Aside from the academics, look into the school’s extra-curricular offerings as well. At one point, your child will show inclination to music, arts, dance, or sports. Does your school of choice have clubs that cater to these activities? Does the school offer after-school programs like ballet, which your child can attend inside the school? 

Balance is important since we don’t want our kids to get burnt out. These extra-curricular could help in keeping that balance. 

6. Safety and Security

We all heard horror stories about women grabbing kids while waiting outside the school. While some efforts were intercepted, there are others who were successful in their goal – and we don’t want that to happen to our kids. 

Therefore, inquire about the safety and security measures enforced in the school, especially when picking up a child. Are kids allowed to go outside even if the fetcher isn’t there yet? What is their policy for school services? Will the parents be informed every time a child exits the school premises? For Kinder classes, who will bring the child directly to the fetcher? 

For instance, my brother’s school texts the parents every time the student leaves the school. If our school of choice has this kind of feature (or even better), then it’s a good factor to consider before enrolling our kids.  

7. Tuition Fee

Yes, the tuition fee. Apparently, all good things come with a price and the best schools in the Philippines often have the highest tuition fee. Since we want our kids to get the best education, the next question now is can our pockets really handle the fees? 

Most exclusive schools we are looking into have a minimum tuition fee of P50,000++ – and that’s for the tuition fee alone. It doesn’t include books, uniform, and other school paraphernalia. Even if we want to send our child to the best school, if budget cannot afford it, then we have to look for alternative and more budget-friendly school for our kids. After all, it’s also about the student and not just the school that will determine success in later life. 

8. Testimonials

What is the best and un-biased way to find out how a school is faring in the academic world? Through testimonials and personal accounts of friends, family, and even friends of friends. 

Most schools will tell you that they are the best during inquiries or orientation. It’s their marketing strategy to lure us, parents, to enrol our child. Still, don’t hesitate to ask around and inquire about the school from friends and relatives. Listen to what they have to say and make sure to consider these accounts in deciding where to enrol your little Einstein. 

At the end of the day, what matters most is that the school should suit your child and his/her needs. We may want a particular school for them, but if we feel that it is not the right fit, then move on to option B. Let’s not force our child to attend a particular school if we think that they cannot be our best partner for education.   


  1. Kim Reyes

    I would add Core Values. I came from one of the big schools in your list (Assumption) and one of their core values is simplicity. My cousins andI studied there from first grade to fourth year high school, while my sister started since nursery. I can say that they have really instilled simplicity in us – we practice it up to this day. When I found out I was having a daughter, I knew the Assumptionista blood will live on in our family. Lol! She’s been studying in Assumption Antipolo since Junior Nursery and now heading to first grade. So far, I’m very happy with how the school is helping us mold her!

    • Ayi

      Hi Kim. Oo nga noh. Yes, I agree with the core values šŸ™‚ Simplicity is taught to us as well (I studied in STC) and the school’s core values have such a big impact in shaping students šŸ™‚

  2. Berlin | Momi Berlin

    I came from St. Scho and I must say that the school provided the needed basic education for me to face college. I appreciated the valued thought at St. Scho that even until now, I carry it with me – Ora et Labora (Work and Pray). I also appreciated the fact that its curriculum is at par with other big schools, even offering electives to students to truly hone their skills (public speaking, journalism, theater arts, etc. ). I hope every parents will find a good school for their kids.

  3. Michi (@michisolee)

    I agree with all your 8 points, we also consider these things when we transferred my son to big school. At first, my son doesn’t like big school but now he loves it. Madami lang workload and ang haba ng school hours nila dahil traditional school.

  4. Nerisa

    Tuition will always hold a big percentage on choosing the right school. Sending our kids to the best school is what all parents would love to achieve. Education will always be the only thing we can pass on to our children that others wont be able to take away.

  5. Janice

    We also considered these factors before when we were still choosing schools. Another factor we considered was to send our girls to an exclusive school for girls or to a coed school.

  6. nilyncartagena

    These are very helpful, especially for parents like me whose kids don’t go to school yet. My son’s still 3 and school is something that I’m already thinking of now. We haven’t decided to which school to enroll him yet.


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