5 Simple Tips On How to Potty Train your Kids

Sep 18, 2013 | Mom Life

As a parent, it is our responsibility to train our kids and teach them on how they should be as they grow up. As our kids grow, we face a lot of issues and dilemmas, one of which is to teach hem how to use a potty. Yes, it seems like a shallow issue but potty training your child and eventually getting rid of diapers could be challenging. 

Potty training has a lot of advantages, mostly economical. Diaper consumption will be reduced, allowing us to save something extra and use it for equally important things. But potty training is never going to be easy. In fact, it will take a lot of time (and crying!) before your tot can sit down and do his/her thing. Trust me, I can attest to that and I know how hard it can be.

To help you with toilet training, here are some of the things I did when I was training my eldest, which thankfully, are very effective.

Potty Training Tip No. 1: Choose a potty that is appealing to your tot’s eyes

With the variety of potties available, choose something that will make attract your kid and make her want to sit on it everyday. I got my daughter a pink one, well, because she’s a girl and she loves pink. When I first showed her the potty, she was very excited and kept saying “wow” all the time.

Potty Training Tip No. 2: Take it slow

When it comes to potty training, remember that it takes A LOT of time. Rushing your baby into potty training as soon as she learned how to stand on her own will shock her. Introduce the potty first and talk to your child about the importance of it. You can even let her sit on it for a few seconds if that helps. Never, ever force since it might scare you child.

Potty Training Tip No. 3: Observe then establish a schedule

Potty training is about scheduling. Before you let your baby sit, observe first what time she usually does her thing. Some babies poop as soon as they wake up while some do it after meals. Once you’ve determined the time your baby usually does “it,” that’s the time you make her sit on it. Eventually, you will establish a schedule and your tot will become familiar of the routine.

In my case, my eldest sits poops after breakfast. As soon as she’s done eating, I’ll let her sit in her potty and do her thing. She also pees as soon as she wakes up from nap time so I made sure the potty is there as well.

Potty Training Tip No. 4: Use Distractions

Shouting or crying is normal when you first introduce the potty. Remember that the baby is not yet familiar with it so any violent reactions is acceptable. To let your baby sit on the potty, try offering distractions. With my eldest, I let her watch TV or play with her toys while she’s sitting down and doing her thing. The next thing I know, she’s already pooped in her potty.

Potty Training Tip No. 5: Be Patient

It will take some time before the baby gets used to its potty so be patient. DON’T FORCE your child, otherwise you will only trigger a love-hate relationship against it. And once your baby learned how to sit, don’t forget to compliment her and say how “good” she was by clapping your hands and saying “yehey.” Aside from being patient, don’t forget to commend your child for a job well done.

Patience, mommas. Your little one will love his/her potty soon. 



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