Clutter-Free 2014: Tips in Organizing your Home

Jan 9, 2014 | Mom Life

It’s the start of the year once again and I’m sure all of us would want to welcome 2014 by getting rid of the “clutter” from last year. However, saying goodbye to 2013’s memories – and a pile of mess – is not going to be easy. I had a hard time going through my personal trash and my kids’ toys. Plus I have to fix my husband’s mess too and make sure that the living and dining room gets its major overhaul. And it took me days before I can finally say that the house is spic and span.

Here are tips on how to organize your home this 2014.

1. Set a schedule. As I’ve said, it took me days to finish everything. Plus I have other things to attend to aside from general cleaning so setting a schedule is really important. Through this, I was able to go through my other responsibilities as well while making sure that the house is 2014-ready. And it’s easier for me too.

2. Take it one room at a time. De-cluttering our room can take hours, more so when it comes to my kids’ room. While all of us wants to see a clean and organized home, taking it slowly can do the trick. I don’t clean the entire house the whole day. If my schedule says it’s my kids’ room today, then I’ll fix my kids’ room only. This helps me get some breaks and do my other jobs without leaving the room in chaos.

3. Sort things out. I have a plastic ready for everything that I need to throw away. I also have a portion for those things that needs to be kept. This makes it easier for me to sort things and avoid confusion.

4. Proper labeling. I am obsessed with labels! Even my gadgets’ chargers have their labels on it to make sure I get the right one. And when it comes to organizing my home, labels will still be my best friend. I make use of clear plastic containers where I stack my kids’ toys and label it properly. The book shelf in our home also has its labels so my husband will know where to find the things he needs. Labeling keeps the house neat and organized.

label5. Maximize the available furniture at home. Don’t be “Mrs. Swipe” when you clean your home. While it may be tempting to buy a new cabinet or desk, you don’t want you house to be cramped up with too much furniture. I had the same dilemma too because I don’t know where to put my kids’ toys plus I need a table too which my tot can use when she’s drawing. But instead of nagging my husband to buy a new desk for our daughter, I just used the empty drawers which I got from my cousin when they migrated. I just covered the top with a wallpaper to make it more kid-friendly. It may not be appealing compared to the ones bought in the malls but at least i did not spend anything.

drawers6. Don’t take the jars for granted. I ordered cake jars as souvenir for my daughter’s baptism. Instead of throwing it away, I used it to store school supplies like clips, staple wire, post-it, etc. Putting the jars into good use plus saved me some cash too.

IMG_3118Aside from all these, make cleaning a family habit. Organizing your home should involve everyone in the family. My two year old was helping me go through piles of paper while my husband has his own task too. Although it may take a while because my daughter ended up scattering the papers when she got bored, it’s a good way for the family to bond too.


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