7 Self-Care Tips For Moms With NO Helpers At A Time Of Pandemic

Sep 18, 2021 | Mom Life, Random Thoughts

Let’s be real here: having a helper is a luxury these days. Even if we can afford to pay for one (or two!), finding a reliable, responsible, and trustworthy household help is almost next to impossible.

So, if you’re a mom with a reliable helper that can help do chores for you, then congratulations. For the others who are struggling with kids, chores, and a job, I FEEL YOU. In fact, you are not alone. I’ve been helper-less for more than five years and although the tasks are overwhelming at times, we were able to manage as a family.

But let’s face it – juggling a lot of things on our plate could take a toll in our sanity and mental state. There are moments when I just want to lie down and watch K-drama then I’ll remember that the pans outside are waiting. Don’t even get me started with the kids’ study area because, well.

Compared to five years ago, I’m in a better mental state now. Little things like writings on the wall or accidental spills don’t bother me that much. It’s all because I CHOSE to take care of myself also. Aside from being a wife and a mother, I am also ME.

It’s easier to say, “I’ll get a haircut” or “I’ll get myself a new pair of shoes.” Since we’re at a time of pandemic, here are my during pandemic self-care tips for all the mommas out there, especially those moms who are constantly challenged by dirty dishes and clothes:


Image by Free Photos from Pixabay

Ahh, the mornings. No matter how hard it is, I fight the urge to stay in bed just for those 10 minutes of quiet time. Waking up earlier and before the kids are awake will allow us moms to have some peace and quiet before the chaos begins. Take this time to make a list of things to do, read a few pages of the book you’re reading, write on your journal, or catch up with K-drama. You might also want to review the items you added in your cart the night before.

At least, you get to enjoy your coffee while it’s hot, too.


There are times when kids will wake up earlier than usual and it’s okay. I still get to enjoy some quiet time when the kids are in their online classes or quietly inside their room. Those stolen moments so I could take a bath peacefully or eat lunch uninterrupted are helpful in keeping my sanity intact.

Find your own quiet time when your kids found theirs (i.e. during their afternoon naps) and take that opportunity to focus on yourself first.


Mommas, your everyday is not about finishing chores. Yes, you still need to get the laundry and dishes done but give yourself a break, too. In fact, take some time to do something you love.

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Watch a movie or catch up with K-drama in Netflix, bake your favorite cookies, cook something yummy for yourself, or get those books that are sitting on the shelves for years. Discover a new skill or make time for your hobby like journaling or calligraphy.

The bottom line is to find time to remind you of who you are and not just as a mom and wife.


This is must. Oftentimes, us moms, get swamped and overwhelmed with the tasks to be done during the day. As cliche as it sounds and being a forgetful person compared to pre-mom life, keeping a list of things to do is helpful for me so I know what tasks to accomplish during the day. Every time I tick something off the list, I reward myself with say long baths or a power nap.


This is the ultimate secret. Haha! Once the kids are asleep, the party – at home, that is – starts.

Kidding aside, I always look forward to kids’ bedtime. In fact, this is my dedicated ME TIME. It gives me an opportunity to clean the house and enjoy some quiet time after. I get to do tasks uninterrupted, too, which means I can finish quickly and have more time for K-drama. I also use this opportunity to catch up with the husband so we can talk about what happened to us during the day.


Caring for yourself doesn’t mean buying the most expensive things in the world. Also, it doesn’t always mean you should go out and see the world (although that would be nice, don’t you think?).

Self-care is also about embracing and appreciating those little things that bring us joy. We should learn to be satisfied even with the simplest things – food on the table, our kids’ laughter, those tiny arms wrapped around our necks, five minutes of quiet time, and even those “i love you” from our little humans. Life is too short to dwell on the negative.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay


I used to feel guilty every time I go out and leave the kids for some me time. Then again, my mom always reminds me that it’s okay to prioritize my needs first.

That’s what I did. Although I can’t go out and have regular spa sessions because of the pandemic, I still treat myself with things that I love. I buy myself some books, new clothes, and even stuff to keep my table organized. Can you imagine what my Shopee cart looks like now?

The point is don’t feel guilty if you put yourself on top of the priority list. Don’t feel bad for buying those skin care products or plants that make you happy. You deserve it, momma!

As moms, it’s our job to make sure that our family is healthy, safe, and well taken cared of. Still, this doesn’t mean we should compromise ours for their sake. It is a must that we take care of ourselves so that we are in a better state to attend to our family’s needs, too.


  1. May Palacpac

    When I was a young mom, I used to feel guilty about doing things for myself without the kids. But now that I’m older, I’ve realised that yes, it’s okay to carve time to do things I love to do, like paint, read, watch tv/movies on netflix or simply enjoy coffee at the balcony.

  2. Czjai

    I’ve only had a helper for about a year back when my son was still a baby and look, he’s now turning 13 years old! 🙂
    Ako naman, when my son was younger and fell asleep really early (like mga 7:30 tulog na haha), I loved the quiet nights kasi that’s the time when I’d do my stuff – write, blog, read a book, watch Kdrama, or simply be alone with my thoughts. Now that he’s older naku, nakikipagsabayan na sa puyatan haha!

  3. Janice

    Great tips! I do all of these except putting the kids to bed early. We co-sleep and my youngest still needs me to be in bed with him when he goes to sleep. So, we fall asleep together. But I do get that precious me time in the early mornings and during pockets of time during the day.

  4. Purple Pieces

    No helper here! I make sure to get my ME TIME early in the morning when they’re not yet awake or late at night when theyre all asleep. Para-paraan din. Reading time and Netflix is a must!

  5. Gerilen

    Im so glad that I read parenting websites back before when I was still pregnant with my first born. It somewhat helped me prepare for the battle ahead. I love being with my kids, but I try not to feel guilty doing stuff for myself as I learned that we cant pour from an empty and exhausted cup. For the first year of the pandemic, I have no help at all. But now, Im so blessed and relieved to have a reliable househelp so I can focus on my work.

  6. WanderWoMom

    thank you for sharing momma. nako baliktad ako. yung things i do. i do sa kalagitnaan ng gabi. like now. im enjoying my self. so in the morning i get to sleep in until we have to wake up na for classes. hehe!!

  7. Emiliana

    When you take care of yourself, you will be strong enough to take care of those you love.

  8. Rowena

    Thanks for sharing this tips! Needed this badly lalo na that we are thinking to move out na sa family ko and it will be the first time na tatlo na lang kami, no helper and parents na sasalo samin this time


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