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The Happy Momma List: Things that Make me Happy


There are so many things we should be happy about, some are even simple ones.

This is what I always remind myself every time I feel so low and depressed. Did you know that it is easier to feel negative on certain things rather than looking at the brighter side of the situation? You may not notice it but your instinct will tell you to get mad every time a waiter didn’t get your order right or your kid accidentally spilled water on your bed.

So here I am, compiling a list of things that makes me happy – just in case I forget to let things as it is and wear a smile on my face. Happy Bucket List1. Foot spa. Dirty, uncut and unpolished nails are a big no-no for me. At the same time, my feet are perhaps the most abused part of my body so it needs pampering too.

2. Whole body massage. For all the aches and pain that comes with taking care and running around with the kids and household chores.

3.  Yummy food.  Seriously, who wouldn’t love it?

4. A good book. The idea of sitting on a comfy couch while reading a good book from my favorite authors is something I always look forward to. It also makes me imagine what it’s like to be in the characters’ shoes, even if they are fictional.

5. A nice, warm bath. At the end of the day, while my kids are already sleeping, all I need is a nice, warm and long bath to help me refresh from the battlefield. And I need to get rid of the “baby stains” too, if you know what I mean. 

6. My kids’ genuine laugh. Whether it’s from their favorite cartoons, or my girls are playing together, or they are doing something funny, or they just found me funny, I love hearing my girls’ laugh.

7. That kiss-and-hug combo from my girls. It makes everything worthwhile. It also reminds me of the sacrifices I made for them and why I made a good choice of giving up my dreams for them. 

8. Baking. Aside from being a hobby, baking takes me in a different world where everything else feels so sweet and yummy. And I love being in the kitchen too.

9. Surprise hug from behind from husband.  Don’t you love it too?

10. A clean and organized house. It keeps me sane and my mind organized. It also makes it easier for me to think rationally.

How about you? What are the things that make you happy?


A former law student turned stay-at-home mom of two. Join me and read my adventures as I go through this crazy world called parenting and mommy-hood.


  1. nilyncartagena

    Thank you for this! I just need a booster right now and you reminded me to be thankful. 🙂

    14 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      There are so many things we should be thankful for! Don’t let negativity take over you 🙂

      14 . Jan . 2015
  2. Michelle Solee (@michisolee)

    I like the #10. How I wish our home is always organized, it would really make me happy na kahit dumating ang anak ko and hubby from school and work, maayos pa rin ang nilinis ko. lol.

    14 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      Sakin mommy, sa morning lang malinis :)) I try to be as organized as possible but kids have their way of messing everything up! Kaya I always bring them in the playroom para na-contain ang mess 🙂

      14 . Jan . 2015
  3. Maan

    This is true. Counting our blessings seems to be harder than getting fixated in issues so this is a good gratitude exercise to do. I could only wish our house was cleaner though haha

    14 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      I tried my best to keep the house clean :))

      28 . Jan . 2015
  4. Edel

    As much as I try to have an organized house, hubby and daughter are like magnets that turns the house into a delightful mess 🙂

    14 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      My kids are like that too. Kaya fave ko morning and night. Ang ayos ng house. Lol!

      28 . Jan . 2015
  5. MissKeenReviewer

    Ahh..after reading this it made me realized that the simplest things are the ones that can truly make us happy. Thanks for sharing. -MacySantos

    14 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      Most of the time, we need to be reminded of that. We are often fixated with material things and what we don’t have that we tend to forget the simple things that make us happy.

      28 . Jan . 2015

    Agree with you Ayi, we all feel unhappy sometimes, low and depression suddenly appears in our mood but the good thing is you know what will remove you from those depressing times. Congrats and keep it up!

    15 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      Thanks Mommy 🙂

      28 . Jan . 2015
  7. mcalimlim

    This is so true. Ako I hardly go to a Spa, talagang nakaschedule bawat labas ko 😉 i think same lahat tayong moms the simplest things make us happy 🙂

    21 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      Me time is really important mommy. Di ko ata kaya na wala yun, kahit two hours lang :))

      28 . Jan . 2015
  8. Chinky Magtibay (@chinkymagtibay)

    I love the sound of the laughter of my little boy as well! 🙂

    22 . Jan . 2015
    • Ayi

      Diba, it’s so genuine 🙂

      28 . Jan . 2015

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