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I have always been a fan of headbands. For me, it is a perfect accessory to add life to a boring or bad hair day. When I had my first child, I always made sure to buy tons of clips and headbands to complete her girly look. And I did the same when my second baby came along. But unlike my eldest, she doesn’t have “enough” hair which can keep the clip secured.So I decided to focus on headbands. As I was browsing for the perfect, cutesy headbands, I came across this online store: Bop Baby Bop. Mommy…

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Review: An Afternoon Well-Spent at Stacy’s


I’ve been hearing a lot about Stacy’s from friends and relatives since two years ago. Because of busy schedule, I wasn’t able to find time and was only able to visit the place last Friday, October 4. My sisters, daughter and I decided to check out the place in Capitol Hills one afternoon.When I got into the restaurant, I was so excited. I saw a lot of pictures on Facebook and immediately fell in love with the interior. It’s like a little girl’s dream bedroom – in a good way….. and they even have free…

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Review: Sugar Rush’s Cake Jars – The Cutest Souvenirs


When it comes to innovative ideas, you’ll be surprised with how talented people are in coming up with new products. I came across this page in Instagram and the first thing that came into my mind is that I have the perfect souvenir for my baby’s birthday. It’s called cake jars by Sugar Rush.It is a cake inside a jar that comes in 6 different flavors: Red Velvet (their bestseller!), Oreo, Smores, Choco Mousse, Blueberry Cheesecake and Reese’s Cheesecake.The cakes are to die for and I personally recommend their red velvet cake jars. Aside…