#TMCKitchenSeries: Chicken ala King in Croissant

Apr 15, 2016 | Food

I love chicken. I love anything cream-based. This is why any dishes that combine these two will be a surefire hit on my tastebuds. One of this is Chicken ala King. 

Since I am yaya-less for the past few months, I became in charge of cooking. I admit I am not a kitchen diva, which is why I needed good ol’ Google and my mom’s recipe notebook to keep me company in the kitchen. One day, when my kids decided to be in their best behavior, I tried cooking Chicken ala King. Chicken ala King 1

Thankfully, I did great the first time. My husband even loved it too, although I’m sure he had no choice but to say that. LOL. 

Anyway, I was surprised that cooking Chicken a la King is not as complicated as it seems. The ingredients are readily available in the kitchen and the cooking time is shorter than I expected. I borrowed a recipe from one of the trusted cookbooks at home, but added my own flair into it. Since I don’t have mushrooms on hand, I just added carrots into it and it worked the same.Chicken ala King 2

I was so tempted to eat this with rice since I forgot to buy the shell from French Baker. What I had was butter croissant, which is a good alternative too since it has the same texture with the shell. I also paired this with sliced baguette and added butter and cheddar cheese on it. 

Below is the recipe for Chicken ala King. 

[yumprint-recipe id=’11’]


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