#CraftingWithTMC: Make-Your-Own-Bag Using Paper Plates

Apr 10, 2017 | Mom Life

Yes, I really take arts and crafts with my kids seriously this summer. I really want to prepare my youngest daughter for school and art activities gets her excited. At the same time, so much has improved, especially in her fine motor skills. She was also starting to overcome “That’s yucky” attitude, so I know this is a good start. 

So far, we did rainbow painting activity, crumpled paper painting, and leaf rubbing among others. Since we needed something to hold these crafts, I figured our next craft would be bag-making.  

Don’t expect too much from this. Haha! This is a simple craft, although it can be a fun way to showcase a child’s creativity. I tend to use whatever materials we have at home and since we have tons of paper plates, I decided this will suffice. How to Make a Bag Out of Paper Plates

You will need: 

  • Paper plates, cut in half
  • Paint and paintbrush (any color of paint will do)
  • Puncher
  • Fuzzy wire
  • Yarn 
  • Stickers or craft materials for decoration 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Ask your kids to paint the paper plates. My eldest daughter wanted a green bag so she painted hers in green all over. As for my youngest, she just used and mixed any colors she likes. 
  2. Let the paint dry. 
  3. Once dry, punch holes on the paper plates. Make sure to bring the paper plates together and must form a semi-circle. 
  4. Insert yarn on the holes to keep the paper plates together then make a knot to secure the yarn. This enhances a child’s hand-eye coordination and improves fine motor skills through in-hand manipulation. My eldest daughter was able to do this with ease since she had similar activities in school, but for my younger daughter, it was a bit of struggle. She doesn’t want to pull the yarn once she inserted it in the hole, so I have to constantly encourage her to finish the activity. Thankfully, she did. 
  5. Decorate the bag. Let your child do this on his/her own to showcase their creative abilities. 
  6. Attach the fuzzy wires on each end. This will serve as a sling for the bag. 

The activity may seem simple, but the kids and I enjoy doing our “bag.” It is a great bonding experience for us and at the same time, gives me an opportunity to reduce their screen time. My kids appreciate the craft and they even put their “favorite things” and some of their finished crafts inside. How about you, mommas? How do you spend summer with your little one? Got some crafts you want to share too? 


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