I love pasta in all forms. Since then, I prefer cooking my own pasta meals instead of buying from restos. It was a good thing my husband loves pasta too, which makes it easier for me in the kitchen since I am not the best cook around.

Few weeks ago, we attended our neighbor’s birthday party. They served the simplest yet yummiest white sauce pasta. It’s just a cream-based pasta, but not carbonara, where they used fusilli for noodles, chicken, and lots of Parmesan. Since my husband is craving for it, I decided to replicate it, which I want to share with you. 

Here’s the best part: it is easy to make. All it takes are simple ingredients you can find at home – All Purpose cream, pasta noodles, chicken, garlic, salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese. 

The Simplest White Sauce Pasta White Sauce PastaThere’s something about garlic that makes the food yummy. Every time I cook pasta, I make sure I have lots of it. Plus, I love the smell too. 

Chicken is also a favorite at home. Even in tomato-based pasta, I still use chicken instead of ground pork (or I just combine both). 

To make the white sauce pasta, saute garlic in olive oil. IMG_2292Then pour chicken. You can also use tuna or pork tenderloin on this one. IMG_2293Add the pasta. You can use any kind of pasta noodles, though for this dish, I used fusilli. Then pour the all-purpose cream. I intentionally used only half of the pack since I want it a bit dry (like what we tasted in the party). However, you can use the entire pack if you don’t want it too dry. IMG_2294Season with salt, pepper, and lots of Parmesan cheese. I don’t usually recommend a specific amount on the seasonings since it will all depend on your taste buds. IMG_2295Mix then serve. Top it off with more Parmesan cheese. IMG_2296Easy, don’t you think? I was thinking of adding cream of mushroom soup for more flavor, but so far, this one worked. What I like about this dish is that it is easy to make and with ingredients readily available. 

Hidden Mickey :)

Hidden Mickey 🙂

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