Sometime in December 2015, my eldest daughter got a Lego set as a Christmas gift from one of her classmates. Since then, she became addicted to it, prompting us to buy this.

Lego can be a bit pricey, but my husband and I saw how much our kids enjoy playing and building whatever they can – house, buildings, cars, animals, and even “lollipops.” At the same time, we realized that playing with Lego brings the following benefits:

1) Keeps the Child Busy 

This is, by far, the most important reason why you should encourage Lego activity. Haha! Living in a yaya-less household, I always make it a point to keep my kids busy so I can get things done at home or finish my work. Thankfully, my kids can play for hours with Lego and even incorporate other toys in it as they build their “world.”

2) Encourages Creativity and Imagination

The first time I saw my eldest daughter build something out of Lego (she was just three back then), I was surprised. I can’t believe how kids can be so creative. img_1563My youngest daughter, who just turned three this June, was also showing her creative side, building her “house.”

House, according to my three-year old

House, according to my three-year old

This is what I like about Lego. It allows them to imagine and be able to translate their imagination into something more creative. It encourages them to think outside the box, imagine things apart from what they usually see, and turn into a work of art. It makes the child feel proud of herself as well, knowing that she was able to build something, using my daughters’ term, amazing.

3) Teaches the Kids to Experiment 

"Hospital," according to my eldest

“Hospital,” according to my eldest

Apart from enhancing a child’s creativity and imagination, playing Lego encourages the kids to experiment on their own – and I’ve seen it in my kids. I saw how my kids made their version of house and hospital without following any guide. They made their own cars, buildings, classroom for Peppa Pig and friends, and even used it for their Sylvanian Family.

This is what I like about my kids playing Lego. They are able to think outside the box, discover and experiment on their own, and have fun.

4) Boosts Motor Development, Especially Fine Motor Skills 

 My kids skipped Duplo and jumped to classic Lego after playing with Mega Blocks. I was a bit concerned on whether they, especially my youngest, can handle small pieces and stack them to make something. Thankfully, she was was able to handle it.14500570_1334989189874475_601800943788640699_oThat is the beauty of Lego. It enhances a child’s motor development, particularly fine motor skills, which they can use later in life and perform important tasks such as writing and feeding themselves.

5) Better Organizational Skills while Teaching Them to Be Patient

I’ve seen this particularly with my eldest daughter. At four (as of this writing), she patiently follows the instructions on how to make a something out of Lego using the Lego guide included in the set. I was surprised that she is willing to spend time building anything she can think of and not ask for my help – unless she can’t find a piece. dsc02412In other words, letting kids play with Lego enhances their organizational skills, encourages them to follow instructions, and more importantly, teaches them to be patient until they finish a particular task.

6) Develops the Value of Sharing

I can’t afford to buy one set each for my kids because let’s face it – Lego comes with a hefty price tag. My kids fight from time to time over a particular piece or who gets the biggest base plate, but most of the time, they share. This leads to teamwork and cooperation between them, which is also a good thing.

For me, this is an important value we need to instill in our kids. It teaches kids that in giving something to others, they will also get something they want in return for their good deed. img_66537) Teaches Kids to Appreciate Simple Things

I will never forget the first time I saw my eldest daughter build her first house. I will also never forget the first time she made something without following the guide. There will always be that smile in my kids’ faces when they were able to build something.

In other words, I’ve seen how my kids appreciate the things they do and what surrounds them. They find joy even in the pencil that they made and pretended that they were writing. What they made out of Lego may not be as grand as what they see on TV and yet, they are already happy about it. This is a good reminder for us as well to not underestimate even the littlest things in life.

8) Great Bonding Activity between Kids and Parents 

Excuse the "pambahay" look. LOL

Excuse the “pambahay” look. LOL

I must admit, I am not the most creative person in the world. I can’t draw and my kids even color better than me. What I like about playing with Lego is that I can be creative (thanks to the guide!) – and my kids appreciate it. It became our bonding activity, although their dad is so much  better with Lego. We can make houses and buildings and cars and play it with their other toys and have a great time. It doesn’t matter if I’m not the best Lego maker in the world. With my kids, I already am and that is enough.

I just hope that Lego will have more options for girls apart from Friends and Disney princesses. After all, #girlsplaylegotoo