Do’s and Don’ts when Choosing Travel Insurance to Help You Make the Most Out of It

Oct 19, 2017 | Travels

Are you heading somewhere with the family this coming Semestral Break? Surely, you got everything prepared – hotel accommodation, plane ticket (if you’re travelling by plane), and even what to bring and wear. Your kids even made their own countdown calendar, which adds to the excitement. Before you enjoy your upcoming vacation, have you considered getting a travel insurance to secure the family?

I know what you’re thinking: you don’t need travel insurance. After all, you’re going somewhere where risks are low and at the same time, you have a credit card that will keep you covered in case of accident or emergency. 

That’s it. Accident. Emergency. No matter how careful you are, accident will come knocking at your door during least expected times. When that happens, having a travel insurance can help you in times of need. To make sure that they do rescue you, here are do’s and don’ts you need to remember when choosing a travel insurance:

DO research and then compare. There are many insurance companies in the Philippines, each of them offering a travel insurance that will set it apart from the rest. Before you decide on what to get, make sure you do your homework by knowing about the travel insurance offered by various companies. Take a look at the features, amount of premiums, and perks, if any, and then compare. Use the comparison as a guide to make it easier for you to limit your choices to up to two or three. This will help you decide which policy is more suitable for your needs.  

DON’T get an insurance at the last minute. Impulse buying is a big no-no when it comes to this type of insurance. The recommended time to get an insurance is when you book your travel since it could cover unforeseen events. This way, the insurance company could reimburse the expenses in case of sudden emergencies such as illness. 

DO be honest about your previous and existing medical condition, including medications you are taking. This could mean additional premium because of the risk involved, but when it comes to illness, nothing is certain. You’ll never know when illness strikes especially if you’re on a vacation, so it’s better to be prepared. Plus, the insurance company can help cover your medical expenses, so how can you say no to that? 

DON’T just settle with the cheapest policy in order to save money. Consequently, going for the most expensive insurance coverage is not always highly recommended. The key here is to choose a travel insurance policy that will best suit your needs. Discuss the coverage with your chosen insurance company and ask about “add-ons” according to the needs and demands of your family. 

DO check your insurance policy. Make sure that it has your correct information – starting with name, birthday, and most especially your travel dates. If you disclosed any medical condition, make sure that it is listed and part of the policy. Any discrepancies in your information must be raised and corrected immediately, otherwise, it could invalidate your policy or make it difficult for you to make a claim. 

DON’T limit travel insurance with your travel abroad. Many Filipinos will only consider travel insurance when going outside the country due to higher risks. Still, it won’t hurt if you secure yourself, your family, and even your belongings even on domestic travels since you are still prone to lost or stolen baggage, last-minute sudden cancellation, or medical emergency. Plus, there is peace of mind that whatever happens, someone can cover your expenses. 

DO choose a reliable travel insurance provider. There are many insurance companies around, so make sure you go for a company with proven track record, excellent customer service, and dependent and reliable in times of need. If you are ready to avail of a travel insurance, Malayan Insurance is ready to help. Malayan’s Travel Master includes the following product features and benefits: 

  • Personal Accident
  • Personal Liability
  • Emergency Medical Treatment
  • Travel Inconvenience Benefits 
  • Recovery of Travel Expenses
  • Travel Assistance Benefits

Nobody wants to get sick or get into an accident especially during family vacations. Still, it’s better to be prepared for instances like this. Speak directly to an agent or broker to know more about Malayan’s Travel Master and why it is a good investment. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook page and Instagram for more details about worry-free travelling.   


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