30 Things I Learned by the Time I Turned 30

Jun 2, 2018 | Random Thoughts

It’s my birthday month! I can’t believe I am turning 30 in just a few weeks. As I add another year, I am bringing with me 30 learnings, which I want to share with you and of course, to my kids as well. 

1. Never neglect yourself. Putting yourself first before anything else will keep your sanity and personality intact. Don’t forget YOU because there’s another person even before you became a wife and a mother. Plus, we all deserve a break, mommas! 2. Wake up early. You’ll be able to do a lot of things if you start ahead of the pack. 

3. Health is wealth with the help of regular exercise and diet. Prioritize this as well. 

4. It’s okay to embrace the messy, which includes the messy house. This, too, shall pass. 

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There are bigger things to worry about than those writings in the wall or how your husband forgot to put his clothes in the laundry basket for the nth time. 

6. Find a hobby, or at least reconnect with something you love to do. 

Just because journaling is life

7. Indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time – and don’t feel bad about it. 

8. Don’t waste money on things that won’t last. 

9. Ignorance is NOT an excuse. Find a way to learn. 

10. Fill your kids’ memory bank so they have something to remember when they grow up. Don’t forget to take pictures so you have something to look back, but not too much that you’ll miss the important things and the reasons why you are there in the first place. 

11. Celebrate little milestones. It keeps you motivated and going. 

12. Laugh a lot and as much as you can. It is, after all, still the best medicine. 

13. Never dwell into negative things. You don’t need that in life. 

14. Invest your money. Savings will help, but nothing beats investing money to make it grow. 

15. Sometimes, things won’t go your way or according to plan. That’s okay. Perhaps, there is a better plan for you. 

16. Don’t let “kids” or “family life” stop you from dreaming or achieving what you want. Instead, use them as your motivation to pursue your dreams. 

17. Spend time with your husband as much as you can. This is a must. 

Kon’nichiwa 🙂

18. Don’t focus too much on keeping your life perfect in social media. It’s just a photo and not everyone knows the story behind it (or even care).  

19. Never hesitate to ask for help. It’s not a sign of weakness. 

20. Parent-shaming is a big NO-NO. If you have nothing nice to say, just be quiet. 

21. Life will always throw rocks a.k.a. challenges at you. Instead of falling, crying, and feeling sorry for yourself, use it as a motivation to get back up and do something about it. 

22. Smile. A lot. 

23. Never judge based on what you see. You don’t and may never know the real story. 

24. Appreciate and never underestimate the little things. Yes, my kids taught me this and I can’t help but smile every time they give me handmade cards, especially when I’m mad. 25. Relax. Everyday is not a battlefield (except Metro Manila traffic). 

26. Kiss, hug, play, and spend time with your kids as much as you can. They grow up fast and sadly mommas, we can’t stop it. 

27. Depression and other mental health issues are real. Seek help, don’t be afraid, and do something about it. 

28. Listen to your kids and never dictate. They have their own life too, you know. 

29. Take risks. It’s worth it. At the end, at least you said you tried. 

30. Don’t waste time. If I may use it, live well. 


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